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Title: Dermarolling on the upper lip
Post by: SarahVaughter on January 20, 2010, 03:23:03 PM
> Is your dermaroller safe to use on wrinkles on the upper lip?


    Yes. The only place that a dermaroller cannot be used is the upper eyelid area.


  But you have to be careful if you are very prone to cold sores on your lips.

  Then you should take antivirals for a couple of days prior to pricking and couple of days afterwards. Don’t prick the lip itself - prick just the skin above it.


  > I have some pretty deep wrinkles above my upper lip.  How effective would dermarolling be?


    You can't expect them to disappear completely but they should get shallower if you repeatedly use a 1.5 mm dermaroller or a 1.5 mm dermastamp on them. Deep wrinkles need long needles of 1.5 mm.


 Or use our single needle, and every month make several pricks into your wrinkles. That will trigger new collagen growth in them. You will get some tiny pinpoint bleeding with a single needle. That’s OK - just wipe it off with disinfection alcohol.

          A single needle can specifically target those individual wrinkles much more precisely than a dermaroller can. The area above the lip is extremely sensitive though and it will be painful. You can use some numbing cream such as EMLA and use it according to instructions. Or numb with a small icepack. Buy Xylocaine numbing cream here.


  Our instructions how to use a single needle are here:

        You use it the same way as for acne scars. But be patient, don’t expect results too soon. The results with needling are permanent though. It will trigger your own new collagen. Your skin will of course continue to age so those wrinkles will form again and you'll have to use the single needle/dermaroller again. It cannot stop aging or prevent the forming of wrinkles! It just improves existing wrinkles and other skin aging problems.
Title: Dermarolling on the upper lip
Post by: Lizzie on February 01, 2010, 11:19:24 PM
Sarah, If you don't have deep wrinkles, then is 1.0mm effective on the lip (and face)?  Here, it sounds like only the 1.5 is effective.
Title: Dermarolling on the upper lip
Post by: SarahVaughter on February 02, 2010, 05:03:26 AM
1.5 is more effecive, 1.0 will have some effect but for best results you really need 1.5.

You could start with 1.0 and work your way up.

And, just to be clear: This is for wrinkles around, not on the lip.

The 1.0 roller does reach the dermis, but the 1.5 does it more thoroughly but hurts more too.

We can't be absolutely sure because there is not enough data, which will take years to colect from many customers to be sure. People haven't been dermarolling in large numbers yet, for the past years.

So purely based from literature research on the structure and properties of the skin, 1.5 would be optimal.

We are out of 1.0 mm rollers at the moment (they are not in high demand) but more are on their way.