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Are you having the TCA peels done by a Dr/Esthetician or are you doing them yourself?  Also are you doing the whole face or just cross sections?  I have had Glycolic peels before but feel I need something stronger-my skin does not react well with Salicylic. Thanks!

Wow!! This is so encouraging!! Your skin looks so wonderful and what a great smile to show, too.  I am so happy for you-Thank you for keeping us updated.

Thank you SO Much! And Thanks to the Vaughters for your constant efforts of keeping us informed and your fair prices.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me feel better about my skin....

Mila, can you provide your specific suction routine? I'm not sure if I should suction several times throughout the day or just do one long treatment of numerous passes all at one time.....

 :) Yes, Mila your skin looks great!  My areas of concern look just like yours and also on my cheeks.  I am motivated by reading  about your routine and seeing the results.  Thank you for sharing and taking photographs.

Hi All,

I just single needled a small depressed scar on my cheek today and will begin the suctioning method again. I see some mild improvement from when I used the derma stamp combined with suctioning.  I have decided though to single needle the depressed scars (once a month), roll with my .5 mm twice a week, suction and see what results these give.....

What are your experiences and results?

Hi Miss S,

Most definitely yes.  Read my post # 11 on the "indented forehead shingles aftermath" thread:

and Sarah's reassuring answer in post # 12.

My best advice would probably be to stop suctioning until the redness goes away.  I know you will miss out on the benefit of the suction but it will put your worries at ease when you realize the redness DOES go away.  My redness subsided after approx two days of not suctioning, though (after which I resumed with the suction).  Once you see that your skin will return back to normal you can wait the couple of weeks and stamp again with confidence, this time adding the suction.

What has been everyone else's experience?

I went to a local wine shop and found my wine pump.  It is from a company called Vacuvin. Your best bet is a liquor/spirits/wine store-not a grocery store or Target or even Walmart.

Hi SilentJ,

What size stamp are you using?  

I have finished one course of the subcision-suction (dermastamp-suction) and I am very excited.  The area I chose was very small but I see improvement!  I have the rolling type of scars.  I stamped a new area and am now just waiting until tomorrow to begin the suctioning.  I will keep updating as well.....

Hi cvw,

My wine pump attachment has a circumference of approximately 1 1/2 cm, so it does catch some of the surrounding skin.  I had stopped suctioning after a few days just like you.  I experimented with my vacuum cleaner on day three and it got a bit out of control.  The suction was fierce!  I accidentally suctioned the area just above my cheek and it looked like I had broken some capillaries but no bruising.  I am happy to say that I did not break any capillaries and all redness has gone away....I am however sticking with the wine pump because I feel it gives me more control.

The cork from my kit is rubber (it came with just one). The pump itself is made of plastic.  Could it be that your pump has a square end to it rather than a circular one?  I'm not sure why it's not working.  I wish I could help...

Also I practiced on my leg a few times to kind of perfect my technique before I used it on my face :)

Hi Boafriend,

I remember seeing this brand at my store but opted to purchase one that resembled the picture that Arachne had posted. Mine is from Vacuvin.  Are you sure you have a tight seal on the area?  Also are you pulling all the way up on the pump?  You may have to pump a few times.  Just like Arachne posted, my Vacuvin wine vacuum makes a clicking noise and it is at this time there is so much pressure built up that one can no longer get in another pump.  It is very similar to how my air pump feels when I am putting air in my bicycle tire-except of pushing down you are pushing up.  There is a definite point where you feel the tight pressure and know it is time to stop pumping.

Thank you, Sarah and Arachne for taking the time to post.  I am very appreciative of your updates and Sarah for maintaining this forum :)

Thank you, Sarah.  These are the reassuring words I needed to hear.

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