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Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: dermajet on stretch marks
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:23:09 AM »
Can I just ask what a dermajet is?  It sounds like it would be very useful to me as I am treating lots of stretch marks too. :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: rolling after care
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:12:57 AM »
I use rosehip oil instead of infadolan. :)

I just look on the day that I last rolled and count 5 to 6 weeks from there.

That's pretty cool.  I have the same problem as you, having too many to single needle, I manage it (just about) but I probably have way too much time on my hands.

I'm thinking of using the single needles just for my arms and sides of my stomach... And just use a one liner for the rest. :)

If I can win the war with my arms and stomach I'll be happy, I have a few on my back and breasts but they don't bother me, nor do my legs as I don't like wearing short things anyway. :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: How to ease itching after dermarolling
« on: October 12, 2012, 04:42:02 PM »
Thank you. :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / How to ease itching after dermarolling
« on: October 08, 2012, 07:25:38 AM »

I have a few questions, firstly my body itches quite a bit after rolling my stretch marks, is there anything I can do to help ease the itching or do I just need to keep the areas moisturised?

And secondly I have a burn scar about two months old, can I use the 1.5mm roller on it to help improve it? And will the single needles help it also?

Many thanks

Thanks for the advice Sarah. :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Dermaroller treatment questions
« on: September 18, 2012, 08:12:08 AM »
Thank you. :)

I'd say there's been a slight improvement, obviously there's still a long way to go but don't give up. :)

Here's another from this morning

Here's a photo taken by a friend back in 2007, not just of my arms though lol

just thought i'd add to this and post a picture of my worst arm (my right)
I will add that there's been little improvement elsewhere (legs, hips and sides of stomach) but I presume this is down to the skin being thicker in those areas.  I have other areas with sm's but I decided not to bother rolling as they don't bother me as much.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Dermaroller treatment questions
« on: September 16, 2012, 04:57:39 PM »
ThankĀ“s for your answer!

Can I also roll the armpits? (Because some stretchmarks start over the armpit and go through)

I've done this :)  Sarah I seem to remember you mentioning a cream to help heal bruising in another thread but I can't seem to find it, can you possibly tell me what its called?  I single needled my arms over a week ago and there's still quite a bit of severe bruising there.

Hi Amy

This picture was posted on Sarah's website

This was taken outside in a garden after treating the stretch marks for one and a half years, the results were from rolling and the single needles.  I'm not sure if the lady who sent in the picture sent anymore afterwards as it said she would continue with the rolling.

Personally I've only been rolling since June so it's hard to tell at the moment, think some of the marks on my arms are getting lighter and smaller though, but it's nothing major.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: How deep should I go and how do I know?
« on: September 11, 2012, 12:24:10 PM »
You're treating stretchmarks too, cool. :)

I use a 1.5mm every 5 to 6 weeks, so far I've done three needling and I'm on my third single needling.

You don't have to bleed to get results, some areas I get more pinpoint bleeding (probably what you described as the red prickly marks) than others.

Oh and the pain doesn't last long and nor does the redness, areas I roll can itch for a few days afterwards though.

Hope I've helped a bit. :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: How to Apply Vitamin C Solution
« on: August 18, 2012, 06:11:58 AM »
I have mine in an old bottle, I use cotton wool balls and they work for me.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Single needle advice
« on: July 13, 2012, 07:12:07 AM »
Thanks, wow I didn't realise bruising was a good sign.

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