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Hello everyone! I've just returned from a 6 month stay in Mexico! No access to the forum down there, hence the late response (sorry!)

To answer your question cg, I have never used anything stronger than Retin A. I am currently using the 0.05 % dosage every night which has helped in improving my overall complexion.

In regards to the swelling, I don't take or do anything for it. I feel (in my own opinion) the more swelling the better! I just cover it over with makeup the next couple of days until it goes down

Out of precaution, and because I was in the sun soo much the past 6 months, I put a hold on needling. Unfortunately, due to the change in climate and environment my acne has flared up again. (Noooooo!) I'm not too worried, though- I visited my derm today and was prescribed some medication to bring it back under control. As soon as it's safe I will return to needling and post updates!

But continue to hang in there! It may take some time. I know cesamaddictaol is having great results due to his patience and hard work!!

Take care everyone! And don't lose hope..

Hello, I keep it in record on my phone calender, and when I forget to do that, I look at photos I've taken and their timestamp.

All the best

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Evenly Spread Acne Scars
« on: December 10, 2012, 10:35:26 PM »
Way to go cesamaddict! Great results!!! ;D

Yes, I purchased the single needles from Sarah way back when

Hello everyone, and thanks for your best wishes!

To answer your question Dewey I suction the day after I stamp, everyday the first week then every other day the second week. (According to the study, maximum results are achieved this way! See the article Sarah posted on the Suction and Subscision method)

I do this after I've had my shower before I go to bed only... So just that one time, not several times during the day.

I splash some warm water on the parts I am about to suction, ( I find it easier on the skin to do this) I use the suction pump and hold it for about 6 seconds over the spots I needled and literally drag that cup over the entire needled area,  pumping along to maintain the pressure. I even pass it a  few more times just to be thorough.  I know I have done as the study if my skin is slightly elevated as a result of the suctioning. Afterwards, I apply the tretenoin gel. Just a heads up though- This causes bruising that is very noticable, (but it always goes away) That's just what I've been doing!

All the best!

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: 6 month update..
« on: November 14, 2012, 10:55:20 PM »
Some more  pics (other side)

Hello all, just wanted to post an update. I have been stamping with the 1.5 mm and 2mm single needle for 6 months. I have been also combing that with the Suctioning method for the past 3 months. My expectations have been realistic and I am glad to report at least 25% improvement. I know its not much but it is something! I noticed my scars are not as sharp amd jagged at the edges and they are smoother. Not completely filled in but little by little appears to be. I have been taking the vitamin c orally for the past 4 months and use Retin A 0.025 every night. My friends and family say they see improvement! Even my dermatologist is curious with the turnout. All the best to those doing the derma needling and hang in there!



I have been single needling and 2mm dermastamping and suctioning for about 3 months and I can see some improvement! I especially targeted the deeper rolling scars on my cheekbones. They have filled up about 20 percent which is better than nothing any day! I am sure that if I continue, things will only get better and better. I also have a supplement of Vitamin C everyday and wash with a face wash that has vitamin c. I also use retin a .25 everynight for a year or more now. My close friends say they see a difference and i should let others who suffer with pockmarks to know about this great treatment. Thanks everyone.


Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Subcision-suction method for acne scars
« on: September 06, 2012, 09:33:54 PM »
Oh ive just been using the smallest one (about 3/4'' wide) The brusing doesnt bother me, it just subsides in 2 days, I don't mind yesterday was the last night to suction. So moving forward , i will stamp again in 4 weeks from now... (2 weeks have passed) Looking forward to your smaller cups! Thanks

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Subcision-suction method for acne scars
« on: September 06, 2012, 12:33:49 AM »
Hi again, question about suctioning,  wondering if I overdid it. Please see below, this is one of the days I suctioned really strongly. (I suctioned everyday the first week then switch to every other day the second week)

My question is, should we count 6 weeks (Im using the 2mm dermastamp) from the last session of stamping, or from the last day of suctioning? Since the brusing and light bleeding is recurrent with the suctioning?  Thanks!


Hey everyone! Just a little back story, I have deep rolling scars all over my face, and I've been stamping for the past 3 months now with the 1.5 dermastamp, single needle, and I just started with the 2mm stamp. I am liking the results, little as they are, but still something!

Anywho!I just brought a suction device from ebay like so:

and was wondering exactly How long I should hold the cup on the different sections of my face. It sucks up the skin really strongly in the dome and makes it round, but for how many seconds should I do this and how often in a session... kind of freaky to see my skin strech like that O_o... but anyway, thanks for any help!


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