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On the internet I read differ recommendations for when it is best to apply vitamin c.  Seem say via c should be applied under sunscreen in the morning, whilst you say it is best applied in the evening.  Please can you tell me the rationale behind this?

Also when is it best to apply copper peptides, day or evening? Many thanks

I just watched a video online by an American dermatologist who claims homemade vit c serums wontl work as ascorbic acid is water soluble and won't penetrate the skin?  This is obviously in contradiction to what is said here and many other places.  Would love some feedback.  Is he just saying this as he doesn't want people saving money making their own preparations? Many thanks

I am about to start dermarolling, using the 0.5 twice weekly and the 1.5 mm every four to five weeks.  My understanding is that i should expect it take anything up to a year or longer (although some may notice improvements earlier) to notice any improvements in skin texture, tone and wrinkles.

If I keep up this regime for the first 18 months, could a maintenance schedule reduce the amount of time i use both, especially the 1.5 mm dermaroller?  Ie could i then drop down to using the 1.5mm dermaroller to every three months or does maintenance just mean to continue on the same schedule indefinitely?  Many thanks in advance

I noticed in the instructions for making up a vitamin c solution for the face the instructions were for a 5% solution.  The 2001 et al Dinnel study said that the vitamin c applied to the face should be at 20% for maximum absorption.  I was therefore wondering why you recommend only 5%?  Is this because 20% can be too irritating for many?

If my skin can tolerate higher than a 5% concentration would I benefit in applying a higher concentration?  Or does it not matter?  Sorry a bit confused.  Many thanks in advance

I know it is advised to stay out of the sun for the first couple of days after doing dermarolling with a thickness of 1mm or more and then to apply suncreen.  Once one starts regularly dermarolling, say every 6 weeks, it is important to then always apply sunscreen, not just the few days after?

I'm not sure yet whether I want to use retin A but will and have used vitamin c.  Is it also important to use sunscreen daily when using vit c, even if applying at night, and only using vitamin c, not even dermarolling?

Many thanks in advance

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Betadine then numbing cream?
« on: January 05, 2013, 08:36:34 AM »

I've read the detailed dermarolling instruction download, but unfortunately I'm still not entirely sure in which order I should apply the betadine (which I've now got) and the numbing cream.  Would this be the right order:

1.  Put on betadine, then wipe off with tap water

2. Then apply numbing cream, leave for 30 mins or so, then wipe off with alcohol?  Also I'm not sure what alcohol to use to wipe off from my face?  I take it not rubbing alcohol?  If not, may I ask what kind of alcohol?

Many thanks in advance

I know that you are advised to wear sun protection and stay out of the sun for a few days after dermarolling with needles 0.5mm and higher, but I just wanted to check whether once you start dermarolling whetheryou need to wear daily sun protection/stay out of the sun always and not just for the first few days?

Many thanks

I've been making the homemade vitamin c serum and apply it at night. I notice when I wash my face the following morning the muslin cloth I use becomes stained orange. I presume this is fr the vitamin c oxidising on my face. As vitamin c oxidises when in contact with air and whe I apply vit c to my face it is exposed to air, can the vitamin c actually in its oxidised form on my face cause damage rather than the hoped for benefits to the skin?  

Many thanks

I was wondering whether dermarolling can help to improve the sagging around the jawline?  If so, is the 1.5mm dermaroller the best one?

 Reading through the threads I noticed that you advised someone that the nasio-labial lines from nose to mouth would not be improved by a dermaroller as it is due to underlying structure decay.  Would facial exercises in this instance have any effect?


  Finally i notice that you advise not applying an oil based substance after using the vitamin C serum. i've been making up an anhydrous vitamin c serum with ascorbic acid using almond oil and emulsifying wax as recommended on a website.  Would you say mixing it withoil will stop the vitamin c penetrating the skin as it's not fat soluble?


Many thanks

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