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Way to go on such awesome improvement!!

I've improved some of my scars as well but wondering do you think that the skin ever "stops" improving? Or scars just fills in to a certain point and just stops :-\

I was reading another board on acne scars and came across this bit of disappointing information. But from the looks of your photos it appears that that info may not be 100% accurate and it totally depends on the individual.

I'm only around 5 months or so in to treatment but for results like yours I'll definitely continue to needle for a year or more or however long it takes ;)

Keep up the good work!

Thank you Sarah for posting the Side by Side photo. Without it, it can be a little hard to tell if there is any improvement, how much improvement, or if what you're actually seeing isn't just plain ol wishful thinking ???

I knew there had been some positive changes for me when I looked in my driver's side visor mirror. The scars would just jump out at me :o Now they have softened considerably.

Although my scars were not severe, I needled very aggressively (stamped then rolled) and I was a swollen bloody mess afterwards. But the smoothing that followed made it all worth it even though I got some really dark patches of discoloration. I started the tretinoin and hydroquoine which helped lightened those areas but I broke out a bit after starting that treatment so now I gotta deal with that  :-\ . Some of smaller more shallow pits are completely gone and I'm hoping some of indentations left behind continues to improve ::)

Sarah,  besides the bleaching cream and retin a for the hyperpigmentation, do you think that I can do anything else to further improve my results? I didn't use the individual needles that much and I never tried adding the tretinoin immediately after needling some of the stubborn deeper scars. I may just try that at this point. I know that I will never be completely scarefree but I'd like to get as close as possible (fingers crossed lol)

Sorry for posting such large photos  :P

Sarah please resize for me and if possible can the photos be placed right side up?

I've gotten a new phone since I began this journey so my pictures are a lot better and you can clearly see all the improvement:-)

Dermastamping and dermarolling is definitely working for me and all it took was some research and patience.

Don't give up ;)

Hi room :)

I've been meaning to post updated pics of my dermastamping progress for over a month but life kept getting in the way :-\ but here it goes.

I finally took Sarah's advice and began the retin a very late in the summer. I started with the recommended low dose .025 and also combined it with prescription strength hydroquoinine at 4% I think. I had and still have some pretty deep hyperpigmentation. I moved up to .05 a few weeks ago and still pretty red but not too bad. And like some experience, I suffered a mild purging and broke out a little on both cheeks.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the results I've received from needling my scars. I've used the 1.5 mm roller and stamp, a 1.0mm stamp, a .05mm roller, and I single needled a few individual scars. I had some mild to moderate ice pick, box car, and I also think a few very shallow rolling scars. I began needling early this summer but wasn't very consistent because dermarolling/stamping does cause a bit of hyperpigmentation for me. I usually use the 1.5mm roller and 1.5mm stamp and I think I only stamped around 4 times altogether because I took a break for several weeks to begin treating my cheeks for the discoloration.

Its been over a month since I used my dermastamp last and my pictures are from earlier this evening. I will post updated photos again in a month or two when the hyperpigmentation should have faded a bit more.

Best wishes on your journey and thank you Sarah for everything that you do:-)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Not sure where to start??
« on: June 28, 2013, 02:15:24 PM »

You are most welcome :) and of course I'm willing to offer support, tips, and any new or interesting info I come across to help on this journey we are both on. The encouragement alone just puts you in a positive frame of mind :) I actually tried needling in 2011 but I wasn't being consistent enough to get any real results. My diet was horrible so I wasn't taking care of myself and I was still breaking out occasionally. And to top it off I was smoking which is a big no no! January 2013 I vowed that this was going to be the year I started taking better care of myself because my complexion really really got me down. I finally quit smoking in February,  started my supplements, and began needling seriously the first weekend in May 2013.  I'm documenting my progress on this site as well so check out my pictures when you have time. Also, feel free to email me and I can send you some links that I came across that you may be interested in and some details of what I'm doing just in case you would like to know. I've gotten all of my needling tools from Owndoc but my supplements I've purchased from other vendors.

I get pretty passionate about this subject so I can go on and on but I'll end it here. I'm very happy for you taking this first step. Just remember the body has an amazing ability to heal itself just give it what it needs to do its job :)

Stay in touch and happy healing :)

   :D awww shucks  ::) thanks!

Hi FuturePerfect :)

Thank you so much for the kind words on my posting. Actually my overall facial coloring was improving quite a bit after I quit smoking (YAY) 4 months ago. But once I started being more aggressive with the needling to improve my indented scars, I began noticing the scars were starting to fill in but the area I needled/stamped was getting darker :'(  Nonetheless the hyper pigmentation is bothersome but the indented scarring is my main concern right now. So I'm going to continue needling for a few more months with the longer needles to see if I can get a little more fill in then I'll concentrate on the darker areas of my face. Or as Sarah suggested I may order the retin a cream and use that as well. Or I may use the Ambi that I have. Right now I'm using some MSM cream that I read helps even skin tone and improves healing. The MSM could very well be working because as hard as I needle, my cheeks should be a lot darker than they are. I also need to be more consistent with using sunscreen. The one I previously used was oil based and broke me out. So I'm waiting to see what's going to happen with the new oil free SPF 50 I just bought. Are you experiencing any discoloration on the areas that you needle?

Besides a few setbacks, I think I'm progressing very well and I'm pretty satisfied with my results thus far. I'll continue to post, ask questions, and hopefully inspire someone else to take the plunge and give needling a try because it does work!

I bet it won't even take you six months FuturePerfect because your scars were not that bad. Actually your skin looked pretty good :)

Looking forward to seeing your updated pics and happy healing :)

Totally understandable. I will just have to try the OwnDoc .05 roller. I have the 1.5 OwnDoc roller already. I didn't know you carried retin a cream though, I will definitely have to check in to ordering that because I tried retin a gel years ago and it dried me out so bad my skin was literally cracking! And a derm prescrbed that! I've gotten better results over these last few months than I've ever experienced from a derm.

Thanks a lot Sarah for helping me through this :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Cannot start rolling.
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:28:57 AM »
Hi Nataka,

It's interesting that the thought of pain would delay your treatment. For me, I was very eager to start because the emotional pain that I was experiencing from having scars on my face surpassed any type of physical pain I could've imagined. I was (and still am very determined) to get rid of these scars. Maybe you can start out with some ice (for numbing) and your smallest needle size to get used to it? That may help some. Also, listening to music may help you relax. That's actually a pretty good idea :) Nonetheless it does get easier as you continue on.

Best of luck to you :)

At first I thought it was just wishful thinking but yes I am noticing some improvement after only a couple months. I think its because I am so aggressive with my needling and the supplements that I am taking is speeding things along for me :) The areas that I stamp are blood red after I'm done, it looks pretty bad. I apply the infoladan for about 3 days afterwards. I allow the scabs to fall off on their own and its pink smooth skin uder the scabs. Not all of my scars have responded this way though. I think this where the single needling and retin a or copper peptides will come in.

My treatments aren't written in stone just yet. I'm still researching and tweeking as I go along but I'll definitely continue to post updates as I progress.

I will be placing another order next week. Too bad you are sold out of the .05mm dermaroller clones :( I want to start rolling twice a week for product penetration and just noticed that they are permenently sold out.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Not sure where to start??
« on: June 26, 2013, 11:23:05 PM »
Welcome to the forum PicturePerfect

First of all, it was like looking in the mirror once I seen your pics. Our scars are very similiar. Not severe but noticible and makeup won't help because all it does it seep into the indentations :( This was the main reason I set out to find something that would help improve my complexion.

Have you gotten a chance to read through Sarah's pdf instructions? Lots of good info there and would be a great place to start with educating yourself about needling. Sarah will give you her recommendations and that will get you pointed in the right direction but also read through the other posts and search the net on nutrition and wound healing. I'm taking additional supplelments like a multi, vitamin c, vit e, zinc, and recently added MSM to my treatment and even though I'm fairly early with my own needling sessions I'm already seeing improvement in my scars. 

You've come to the right place just read as much as you can, be good to yourself, and you should be just perfect :)

Good luck on your journey and Happy Healing;)

These photos aren't as good as the others but you can clearly see that I'm getting a little bit of fill in!  :D  I'm happy about that but unfortunately since I'm being more aggressive to improve the scars it's also causing more hyperpigmentation :(

As soon as my scars fill in a bit more I may stop needling for a while to concentrate on lightening my skin. I just bought sunscreen with SPF 50 and hope that along with the MSM cream will help.

I'm thinking I may update again in about 2 months or so and see what I'm looking like then.

Best wishes to everyone else on their journey :)

Hi forum

I will be doing my third needling session in about a week (first week of July) and I wanted to update some photos of my progress and share some adjustments that I've made in my treatment.

I've used the 1mm stamp twice, once by itself and my last treatment I used with the 1.5 dermaroller.
Using both the stamp/roller is obviously more aggressive and I think it made a difference with the final results. I will be using both stamp/roller for my subsequent sessions and I've also added both MSM supplements and MSM cream to my treatment plan for additional healing.

It's been 3 weeks since my last treatment so my swelling is gone and here are my results.

Happy healing!

Oh wow thank you for the quick response!

I've been meaning to add a 0.5mm to my arsenal of supplies. I'm going to go ahead and buy one and use it weekly in between my monthly treatments with the longer needles. Will also purchase the retin a to see if it'll help to fill in some of the scars a little. Will hold off on the peels for now since I never thought about sun damage, thanks for the tip.

Ok, I think I'm good for now. Btw I'm also documenting my progress and praying my scars will improve. I'm only 2 months in so I only have a few pics posted.

Will continue to look for your updates from time to time and thank you again. Have a great summer :)

Hi Cesamaddict!

I have read your postings several times for tips on how to go about treating my acne scars. I'm also a former smoker and immediately noticed a much more "healthier" looking skin tone after quitting :) I am now working on trying to "fill in" a few box car and ice picks that are more shallow but stil annoy me quite a bit :(

If you would be so kind to answer a few questions for me would be awesome. Now that you've achieved such amazing improvements with your scars, how are you treating your shallower marks/scars? Are you still rolling then stamping and using Ret-A afterwards? How did you incorporate the TCA peels? I have both TCA (12.5%) and lactic acid (40%) that I'd also like to use to clean up my skin a bit during my treatment.

Sorry for all the questions but with the great results you've achieved I definitely want to learn as much as I can to achieve the same!

Thank you in adavance and please continue to post you are extremely encouraging :)

Happy Healing!


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