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Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Dermaroller and inflamation
« on: October 16, 2013, 01:58:04 PM »
Is it acne or just spots put it this way when I stamp I do get a small outbreak  but not spreadable like acne I just try to dab tea tree next day till there gone I admit im carefull though becouse I think if I touched them alot they would become acne
Just be carefull if u did get a few spots  dont stress that will couse more ,

Hi iv found I look a mess for 2 weeks after stamping and rolling anyway I call it downtime or no pain no gain, so i soppose the redness or slight brusing from suctioning i never really noticed but i do believe the suctioning does work in conjuction with the stamp and my scarring was really really bad I have rolling box and ice but im slowly getting there after 6 treatments  I do admit I have been needling for 3 yrs but I dont count it becouse I sadly found out were id been buying them was fake and they was not penatrating the skin so I count from when I found own doc or sarahs forum
Good luck dont give up else we never know what might have been   

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: suctioning out of the two weeks
« on: October 05, 2013, 07:38:15 PM »
Ty sarah but u kindly sent me 2 free suction kits so I have got another and yes I think im slowly getting somwere with sending scars back to hell lol ,iv found im getting results using the derma roller two weeks after the stamp strangly enough and hemp is the only oil thats got rid of all blackheads and blocked pore its amazing, plus it does have vitamins and other things in it think  its got vit c aswell im purging a little atm so im having a few little pimples but will only last a few days hopfully
Take care sarah get well soon

Dermarolling / Microneedling / suctioning out of the two weeks
« on: October 03, 2013, 02:47:20 AM »
Hi sarah just wanted to ask a stupid question I broke my suction instrument and it put me in a stupid mood I left it I was just thinking is it worth doin any suctioning after the two week mark or just wait for the 6 weeks well 4 now for me, im slowly getting there with my scaring but got a funny feeling they are tethered so there not budging with full potentia.l
My skin so much better oil cleansing with hemp never felt so good nearly all blackheads gone and so less spots am I okey to resume that the day after my stamping another stupid question lol
Hope ur feeling better sarah

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: regarding blood on stamp
« on: June 20, 2013, 10:13:52 AM »
Tyvm so i can clean the dermastamp with a little water in the middle of the session and carry on with my session thought so just wanted to make sure

Dermarolling / Microneedling / regarding blood on stamp
« on: June 20, 2013, 09:04:55 AM »
Hi iv got a 2mm stamp, each time i use it on a part of the skin i get alot of  blood etc on the stamp which is normal doesnt bother me my question is can i run the stamp under a little water before using it on next part of scaring/skin  or does the stamp have to be dry ty rachel
Ps my scaring is getting better each time i do my sessions tyvm for this forum and the shop

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