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Buy our 0.05% A-Ret (Tretinoin) cream (at the moment we carry a brand called Retirides) and use it on the areas with pigmentations. Initially, the A-Ret makes the skin dry so you have to moisturize a lot.


  Long term dermarolling will improve sun damaged, pigmented forearms.


Prior to dermarolling:

  Buy a pumice stone. Give your forearms) a very good scrub. Let it heal. When healed from the pumice scrub:


  Week 1:


  Day 1 - dry brushing, vit. C application (as explained in our instructions)

Day 2 - apply Tretinoin (A-Ret)

Day 3 - dry brushing, vit. C application

 Day 4 - apply Tretinoin

 Day 5 - apply nothing. Give your skin a break

 Day 6 - dry brushing, vit. C application

Day 7 - apply Tretinoin


Week 2 and the following weeks:


  Start using your 0.5 mm roller three times a week on your forearms.


  On the days when you do not roll, aplly the A-Ret.


  Every now and then, apply vit. C.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Evenly Spread Acne Scars
« on: May 12, 2012, 06:16:59 AM »
Continue with your 2 mm dermaroller sessions and add the suctioning:


Smoking has a negative effect on skin collagen so try to reduce it as much as possible.  

  In the future, you can also try a 1.5 or 2 mm dermastamp.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Stretch Marks - individual needling
« on: May 12, 2012, 06:16:10 AM »
You can do one rolling + needling cycle now and continue when you come back from your holidays. Avoid needling very shortly before you plan a long time in the sun or cover the needled areas with clothes.

I think your body looks great and you are perhaps overly critical with yourself. You look like a model. However, some people have much more ambitious/strict standards and that's very respectable.  If you wish, you can certainly try to tighten the skin with a 1.5 mm regular dermaroller. Keep the skin moisturized after rolling.


  You can roll on the chest but it is completely normal that the skin on the chest and the abdomen "sags" a little when you sit down because the skin has to fold so that it can stretch out when you stand up. If the skin were completely tight/stretched while sitting, it would be impossible to stand up. Just like when you bend the head forward, the skin on the neck folds/sags.

It is completely normal that the skin is very red after the suctioning, including reappearance of pinpoint blood marks that originate from needling /stamping.


  From the study:


  "Effective suctioning caused oedema and haemorrhages in the subcised scars and led to ELEVATION OF DEPRESSING SCARS ABOVE THE SKIN SURFACE' (Fig. 1f,g)."

   You did not even get to the stage of edema and hemorrhages but you cannot expect there will be absolutely no redness after suctioning.

From the study:


"On the first days, we used less

 negative pressure; but in the subsequent sessions, depending on

 the condition of scars, we could increase negative pressure (even

 to maximum -70 mmHg), length of time (not more than 4 s in

each pass) and the number of suctioning passes (even 8–12 passes)

 per session.
‘Effective suctioning caused oedema and haemorrhages

 in the subcised scars and led to ELEVATION OF DEPRESSING SCARS


"high grade of improvement was mostly in patients in group A1 who had almost daily suctioning in the first week of suctioning period"

The suctioning method is so new and this (cheap!) method is so rarely used by doctors that the absolutely optimal approach is not known yet and you have to basically improvise and try different methods.
The study used 0.1 bar (10%) underpressure and our pump sucks stronger but on the other hand, more suction is necessary because you're not doing a subcision first.

I am really sorry to hear that. Do you mind to clarify further?


  Did you do acid peels or other ablative methods in the meantime?

   What really puzzles me is the shine on your face. I have never heard about it after dermarolling but I have heard very similar problems to yours are sometimes happening after deeper acid peels.

   Have you ever been on Accutane? Are you on any kind of medication? What needle length did you use? Do you remember how your skin looked after the first and the second session?


  What did you try to improve in your skin?

   Is your skin red, like kind of unhealed?

   In any case, give your skin more time to recover and it will likely go back to normal. I would not go back to rolling until you have identified the cause of this, and eliminated it.

I want to add that emu oil, since it is suspected to be an anti-inflammatory, could perhaps interfere with the collagen regeneration processes. It would be helpful if other forum members would report their experiences with emu oil after rolling.

How long did you wait with applying the emu oil, after rolling?

New rollers have sharp needles and if you only used the roller three times on your face, they should still be sharp. You'll notice a bluntness when it starts to be harder to roll over your skin and it will hurt quite a bit more than when using a new roller.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Best routine for young skin
« on: May 09, 2012, 03:34:22 PM »
You bought more rollers than you need but never mind, you can eventually use them all.

   I would start with a 0.5 mm roller around the eyes (twice a week) and with a 1 mm roller on your neck and décolleté (every 10-14 days). If you get no results around your eyes with a 0.5 mm in 6 months, use the 1 mm roller. You must keep the area around your eyes very much moisturized.


  Later, you can also use the 1.5 mm, especially on your décolleté or aging forearm skin etc.


  I have managed to almost completely get rid of the wrinkles between my eyebrows (11's) and around my mouth with dermarolling/needling but not of the crows feet. Somehow those wrinkles did not respond to dermarolling in my case.

You can certainly apply on the same day if your skin has no problems with it.


  We even have customers who apply A-Ret on their face right after rolling with a 0.2 mm roller without any problems but when I applied a 0.25 % A-Ret right after rolling with a 0.2 mm dermaroller, my face had a very unpleasant quite strong burning sensation for hours. I can do it on my body but not on my face. It is individual.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Best routine for young skin
« on: May 07, 2012, 03:56:11 PM »
What is your goal with your neck and décolleté? Do you have sun damage or hyperpigmentation there or you just want to roll preventatively?


After you disinfect the skin before dermarolling, you can apply a little cream on the skin but preferably a cream from a tube and not from a jar because creams in tubes do not get contaminated from your hands.

  You should carefully clean the roller after dermarolling with water and some dishwashing liquid to remove skin- or cream residues.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / new to dermarolling
« on: May 06, 2012, 11:24:46 AM »
You needle each stretch mark only once during that month.

   You have for example 200 stretch marks.

   It is much better to needle about 10 stretch marks a day (or whenever you have time) but needle them densely and thoroughly.

   Thus it would take you 10 needling session to needle all your stretch marks.

  You can do the sessions any time you want during that month.


If you have just a few stretch marks, you can do them all in one session but most of our customers have lots of stretch marks.

   Pre-treat your stretch marks like this:

Heprarin is an anti-inflammatory but the need to avoid strong anti-inflammatories only applies right after dermarolling, especially with long needles. Topical heparin should never be applied right after dermarolling anyway because it is an anticoagulant and it should not get into the bloodstream. Topical heparin is used on varicose veins, ulcers, sprains, accidents and injuries, to soften tough scars, to speed up diminishing of oedemas and bruises etc.

If you email me your name and address, I will instruct our dispatch center to send you shorter needles. We have a few shorter ones.


  Some of our customers wrote us that our single needles are too short and some that they are too long..


  To speed up the diminishing of bruises, you can try a cream/gel containing heparin. It is for sale OTC in pharmacies. Never apply it right after dermarolling/needling. Wait at least one day.

Use a 1.5 mm dermastamp every three to four weeks.


  Rolling scars are typically tethered to the underlying structures and that keeps them indented. You should combine stamping with an improvised suction method. The suction will loosen the strands that are pulling the scar down: