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Author Topic: 1mm Derma Stamp Or a 1.5mm Derma Stamp?  (Read 3955 times)


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1mm Derma Stamp Or a 1.5mm Derma Stamp?
« on: August 03, 2013, 01:42:52 AM »
Hey Sarah, I was wondering which stamp would be the better choice, the 1mm or 1.5mm. My acne scarring is quite shallow and aren't deep or wide whatsoever but they are there with a bit of hyperpigmentation. I have purchased the 1mm stamp before and used it for about a month with 4-5 sessions and now I'm thinking it's time to get a new one. I have seen a bit of improvement after 1 month but I think it's still too soon to judge on the results so far. Every time I stamp, I do reach quite a bit of blood, even to the point where the entire area is covered in blood. After 1 week from stamping each time, my skin seems to have fully healed where the skin is not flushed red anymore even when I stamp at the intensity of covering the area with blood from stamping. It now seems that the areas that i have stamped have gotten tougher to penetrate unless the needles have become dull. It seems trickier now (on my 4th session) when I stamp areas with no bone in the back to ensure the needles penetrate, since it seems it has gotten "tougher" to penetrate now. This is also a reason why I was wondering if I should get the 1.5mm stamp over the 1mm.

I was wondering if a 1mm stamp is enough to fully penetrate my scars and hyperpigmentation. What kind of scars and how deep of the scar is the 1mm dermastamp meant for compared to the 1.5mm derma stamp? I'm just afraid that I should be using the 1.5mm unless the 1mm should generally be enough for any scar. Are there images of acne scars that you can link to show me of what a 1mm can be used for? Just so I can compare my scars with it and make a judgment whether I need a 1mm or 1.5mm.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: 1mm Derma Stamp Or a 1.5mm Derma Stamp?
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2013, 03:59:46 PM »
Dermaneedling often thickens the skin, so a slightly more difficult penetration is not too unusual. The 1 mm dermastamp definitely penetrates into the dermis but it does not reach the deepest parts of the dermis. All scars are in the dermis. Shallow scars are in the upper part of the dermis. A 1 mm dermastamp should be enough in your case. Nevertheless, you can buy a 1.5 mm size too. Or buy a 1 mm now and when it gets blunt, go for 1.5 mm size.
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