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Author Topic: Dermarolling while pregnant - not using topicals  (Read 6512 times)


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Dermarolling while pregnant - not using topicals
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:36:46 AM »
Hi Sarah!  I have read through the forum and done some searching so I wasn't asking a repeated question but I haven't seen an answer to this yet so here goes...

I am pregnant and I want to start dermarolling (I've already placed my order from your site, just waiting for it to arrive).  I don't want to apply topicals while pregnant.  Will this impede my success in healing my acne scars in any way? 

Thank you for your time!



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Re: Dermarolling while pregnant - not using topicals
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2013, 05:07:15 PM »
Dermarolling will work without any skin products. They are just additional means to establish "ideal" conditions in the skin for regeneration and collagen production.
It is always a wise decision to stay on the safe side when pregnant.
When pregnant or breast feeding, you should not use Tretinoin or other creams with high content of vit. A, any numbing creams, Betadine disinfection for the skin (at least not on large areas) and you should apply disinfecting alcohol only on intact skin (it means, do not wipe the skin with alcohol right after dermarolling or stamping) and do not apply it on really extensive areas. I am only mentioning here products that are somehow connected to our dermarolling instructions. It is not a complete general list of products to avoid in pregnancy. This is the standard response you'll get from a responsible vendor. However, if you'd ask my personal opinion, I think all our products are safe in pregnancy.
You should keep the treated area moisturized. Read my reply #5 in this forum thread:
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