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Author Topic: Our Derminator® is finally for sale!  (Read 29994 times)


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Our Derminator® is finally for sale!
« on: December 14, 2014, 06:42:30 PM »
Finally we announce the world's only fully digital dermaneedling device, the DERMINATOR.

I'm announcing this months after we started selling, because only since recently we aren't constantly sold out.

We invented, designed, prototyped and now manufacture this machine ourselves in Europe in our own factory, using our own employees! We sell it for ten times less than comparable professional-range machines used in clinics because we have a different business model: We think that everyone should be able to afford a clinic-grade dermaneedling machine and thus can afford to bring down the price because we're making these in large quantities. Electronic components, when bought a thousand identical parts at a time, are up to five times cheaper. This, and focusing on home users as well (high sales volume), not advertizing and no fancy packaging is how we can afford to charge only $170 instead of the $2000 that is customary for these type of machines, and then you still won't get the sophistication and safety of the Derminator. There is nothing in the professional dermaneedling world available like this. Hundreds of clinics have already purchased one. Chances are that next time you go for that 600 dollar needling appointment, they'll be using this machine!

The name reminds of The Terminator movie series and that's appropriate because contrary to the Chinese pen-type devices that cause microtearing because they are too weak due to the fact that they are based on permanent-makeup machines, the Derminator is very powerful and needles to the advertised depth and does this so fast that there is no microtearing. And just like the Terminator is an intelligent machine that came from the future to use force, the Derminator is a futuristic, computer-controlled machine that uses sophisticated technology and physical force to greatly improve skin problems such as stretch marks and acne scars.

This machine represents a paradigm-shift. It is so cheap that it will replace manual dermaneedling, also because it's indestructible* and can be re-sold years later. Needle cartridges are only 3 and 4 dollars (for the single needle resp. the 9-needle cartridge). No shipping cost to nearly all addresses worldwide.

The machine has digitally set needling depth, controlled by a microprocessor and a depth sensor.

More info (link to store, videos, specifications, user manual etc.): https://

Make sure to watch the video where we show that our machine does not cause microtearing and competing devices do!

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