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Author Topic: Dermaroller for bodybuilding stretchmarks  (Read 6876 times)


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Dermaroller for bodybuilding stretchmarks
« on: December 10, 2009, 10:52:17 AM »
Hi Sarah,

You have an interesting website. I am in my early forties and used to be a bodybuilder. I had developed stretchmarks from the 8-10kg that I gained around my chest/shoulder & rear shoulder, and leg (thigh) area. I have lost most of this weight over the last 5 years, but I still go to the gym for a light weight workout (fitness and strength).

Can the dermaroller be used on these area?

How effective is/would the 1.5mm dermaroller on these areas?

I realise that the rollers will not get rid of the stretchmarks, but I am not too sure how effective it is as well.


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Dermaroller for bodybuilding stretchmarks
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2009, 05:37:38 PM »
The problem with stretch marks is that although they are called marks, they are in fact not marks. Our skin (when I simplify it) has 2 layers. The top layer is the Epidermis and then there is the Dermis underneath.


Stretchmarks are not marks but deep cracks throughout the entire epidermis and most part of the dermis. That's why it is such a difficult problem and current dermatology is not capable of removing stretchmarks.


Concerning dermarolling, none of our customers attained a complete disappearance of their stretch marks. Lots of our customers achieved a significant improvement though, some a mild one and some no improvement but if they continue they might obtain it. Collagen induction triggered by dermarolling is a very slow process and it can take a year to see improvement. If you are consistent with dermarolling and follow our dermarolling instructions, you have a chance that your stretch marks will get shallower, narrower and improve in color and texture but this takes a long time.


To treat stretch marks you need long needles: 1.5 mm. If it is too painful for you, numb the skin with an icepack.


Yes, you can use a dermaroller on those area's.

Definitely yes. The only part of skin that a dermaroller must not be used is the eyelids and you have to be extra careful around your eyes.