Please only post questions when you could not find the answer searching this forum or our instructions. Pre-and post-sales questions about our products only. Thank you!

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FORUM RULES Please read before posting
« on: February 03, 2012, 01:35:44 PM »
By posting here, you agree to the following rules:

1. This is not a general forum about dermaneedling but an information database for our products. Only a very small range of questions are on-topic here.

This forum is only intended to give support pertaining our products to our customers, it is not a general forum about dermaneedling. We reserve the right to delete postings that ask questions about products that we don't sell as off-topic. Examples of what is off topic here: "Can I use <product we don't sell> after dermarolling?" or "Why don't you sell <product we don't sell>?" or "My doctor disagrees with <statement you made>" or "I read XYZ and it seems to disagree with what you say" or "why don't you sell <x> instead of <y>?". The reason these questions are off-topic is that we often would have to spend a lot of time researching and formulating an answer, and we simply do not have time to spend answering questions that have nothing to do with actual support (how to use our products to treat skin problems). If you have a question such as "why don't you sell <x> instead of <y>, please do the research yourself as to the benefits of <x> vs. <y> and email us, don't post it here. We only sell products we think are really useful, so if we don't sell it, we think it's not very useful by definition.

2. This is not a place for shipping- and warranty-related customer service

If your shipment is taking too long to arrive or if you have any other questions or remarks related to our service, this forum is not the right place because it is a database for product use only. Where your package is etc. is of no interest to others on this forum. Any type of service-related talk (payment, shipping, tracking, transit times, returns etc.) should be emailed to

3. Search before posting

Please use the forum search feature to see whether your question has already been answered, before you post any questions. We reserve the right to delete postings that are effective duplicates of previous postings or to which the answer can be found using a forum search. If, after extensive searching, you did not find the answer to your question, make sure you read our instructions, our sales page, the extended product descriptions in our store and the articles on our site. Then and only then, the question may be appropriate here. Every time we answer a question with just a link or links to material on our site, the posting was in violation of our forum rules.

4. Descriptive post titles please

Please don't use meaningless post titles like: "Question" or "Help!!" or "2 mm dermaroller" or "Newbie with scars". Before posting, think of a descriptive title that explains the main topic of your posting in such detail that when someone has the same problem, they can find it in a search or by browsing the forum. We reserve the right to modify nondescriptive titles.

5. Proper English please

When posting, please use proper English, or at least try to do so. Postings with SMS-talk like "ur" instead of "your" etc. will be deleted for being disrespectful. It's not just that such postings hurt the eyes, it's also that search engine rankings increasingly depend on reading comprehension level and syntactical and grammatical correctness. This forum provides a spell-checker and most browsers do as well nowadays.

6. Insulting us means you won't be able to read this forum anymore and you won't be able to buy from us either

We know the IP address and email of those who post here. Any type of insult to our character, products or business may result in a read-ban on this forum and a buy-ban in our store.

7. If you post here and you did not get an answer (yet), please do not email with the same question(s).

This will cause us extra work so we will usually ignore the email version of the question(s). Also, if your posting remains unanswered for more than a week, it could be that we forgot to answer, but more likely it is because we thought it did not warrant an answer or was otherwise unanswerable.

8. Please no product marketing

We do not allow "spamming" for any products. Spammers are so clever with their tricks nowadays, it's impossible to be sure who is a genuine customer and who is paid to advertise certain wares on forums. Any reasonably suspicious mention of any products - especially directly competing products - will be considered spam and we will reserve the right to remove the posting and, in case of posting links, we may ban the account or even the IP address. Someone who posts links to competing products will be IP-banned, even if it was a "genuine mistake" (due to not reading these rules beforehand..)

9. Please no product complaints

There are some unscrupulous competitors who, in the past, have done some outrageously unethical things to damage our business, so we can never be sure that any complaints on this forum are genuine. We therefore ask customers to email us with a refund- or replacement request instead. Product complaints should be handled by our service department and have no place in a forum that is a "how to use" questions-and-answers resource. Our customer service people do not read these forums. We always refund people who have a legitimate complaint.

10. Do not ask for advice with finding "alternatives" to our products

We offer excellent products at an unbeatable price. If you for some reason don't want to buy our products, you can't expect us to spend time helping you find a competing product. Especially not on a public forum intended to answer questions about our products.

11. Do not ask for advice on products that are not ours

Any type of questions related to any product we don't sell is strictly off-topic on this forum and is usually considered SPAM. Questions in that regard should be directed to the manufacturer or vendor of that product. We do not have time to investigate the countless products out there. You have to do that yourself or ask the vendor. A first violation of this rule will usually result in the deletion of the posting, subsequent ones will likely result in a posting ban.

12. If you are going to complain about how dermaneedling ruined your skin, please provide photographic evidence

We are not able to distinguish between bona-fide complaints and attacks by the laser/botox mafia if you don't provide evidence. We are not paranoid, see for example this posting for how people spread fake horror stories about damaged skin to discredit dermaneedling.

13. Posted pictures can not be removed or modified and by uploading them here, you license us an unlimited, non-exclusive, non-expiring right to use them on our websites or marketing materials as we see fit. You grant us the right to watermark them. You otherwise retain full Copyright.

This forum is intended as a resource for others. If you upload pictures, everyone, including we, know what the skin issue is about. If you later remove the picture, the thread loses important information, sometimes to the point of meaninglessness. If you are concerned about privacy, omit or mask your eyes, mouth etc. We can also do that for you after you posted the pictures to ensure your anonymity. Regular forum users do not have image modification/removal privileges. Please do not to link to pictures posted elsewhere but post them here. Linking to pictures posted elsewhere nearly guarantees they will soon disappear. This forum is a symbiosis between you and us. You get expert advice, we get your picture so that this forum remains the internet's #1 skin improvement resource. If you disagree with this policy, please do not post pictures - but then again, without picture it is very hard to give the best advice.

14. Post your own pictures - not pictures you found online

We are not allowed to use pictures from other sites, since we do not own the Copyright. If you are worried about getting recognized, you can put a black bar over your eyes. You can email us the photo so that we can do that for you and attach it to your posting.

15. Please do not post bad quality pictures or too large pictures

This is not a strict rule but a request: Pictures made by a webcam are of too bad quality, as well as pictures made in the dark. Do not compress pictures to a tiny size (20 KB or so) JPEG because all the detail will be lost. Make sure that when you make a picture of your skin, that you use sufficient light and that it is in focus. Please do not attach images straight from your camera, because those are many MB in size, as well as being absolutely huge in physical size. Resize them to for ex. a width of at most 1200 pixels and use 20 to 30% JPEG compression. Postings with blurry pictures will be deleted. Only post sharp, well-lighted pictures please.

16. Please do not post links to pictures but the pictures themselves

Otherwise the links will inevitably become "dead links" eventually.

17. Please do not ask for medical advice.

Dermaneedling instruments with a needle length longer than 0.25 mm are classified in the entire Western world as "medical instruments". In spite of what other vendors may claim, their sale is illegal, worldwide, and the FDA takes action against the sellers:


Our payment processors - all payment processors - actively police what a vendor sells and whether the items are in compliance with the applicable laws in the seller's country as well as in the buyer's countries. We were not so long ago forced by PayPal to stop selling a product that was perfectly legal in the US, but it was prohibited in the EU. Even though we did not sell it to the EU. The total damage done to our company was more than one million dollars and we had to fire people. I mention this to illustrate that we're talking about real danger to our company as soon as we even give a faint impression to MAYBE violate any law, anywhere. Merely indicating to PayPal that we "give medical advice for medical products" might be sufficient to shut our company down forever. PayPal still allows all our competitors to sell the same product. They gave us one hour to stop selling ours or they would blacklist us forever. This is unfortunately how things work nowadays.

This means that we are taking a big risk, selling dermaneedling instruments, and we hope our customers appreciate the fact that we sell the best quality instruments for an honest price, and give the most comprehensive, well-researched dermaneedling information in the business in the form of various PDF's, articles and thousands of forum replies.

Even though the sale of dermaneedling instruments is a criminal offense because they are classified worldwide as unlicensed, unapproved medical instruments, it is not an offense to give general dermaneedling information. However, if we answer a specific question to a customer who purchased or will purchase one of our dermaneedling instruments, then the act of answering this question is a criminal act, namely the offense of practicing medicine without a license. Giving any kind of personalized or specific advice is a criminal offense (in all western countries), as can be verified here:


Our risk of answering any question, however remotely related to the actual dermaneedling treatment you may think it may be, is very severe. If a customer for example would sue us for perceived bad advice, the customer would win litigation by default because we illegally sold a prohibited medical instrument and unlawfully dispensed medical treatment advice. A court would rule for us to pay damages and penalties.

Answering ANY question about dermaneedling, ESPECIALLY questions of which incorrectly implementing the answer could negatively affect treatment outcome such as questions about disinfection procedures, needle length, needling techniques, pre- and post-treatment products and procedures, needling duration, intervals, intensity and frequency is therefore impossible for us, since it would be adding a second crime to the crime of selling you the medical device in the first place. We can most likely get away with the crime of having sold you a dermaneedling instrument, as long as we don't make the mistake of adding the additional crime of practicing medicine without a license, because statistically, if we do this with tens of thousands of customers, there will inevitably be some who will later sue us, and we would lose all cases.

Thank you for your understanding.

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