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Author Topic: Please help me with proper skincare routine while dermarolling!!!!  (Read 7635 times)


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I am brand new to this site and derma rolling. I ordered my first derma roller and need help with routine. Here is my quick breakdown:

I am 28, oily skin, large visible pores, some breakouts (use to be a lot worse), uneven skin, few boxcar acne scars.

I currently use proactiv as a skin regemin which has worked pretty well for me.

I used the derma roller 1.0 according to the directions. This i did on Thursday, directions state to do a light roll for every day/every other day use!! Says to do 5 days then skip 2 if you do the lilght roll approach.  

My skin was red, did not bother me. I used my proactiv toner and proactiv acne treatment afterwords.

I rolled again a few days later. This time my skin especially on the sides of my nose seem very "raw". Red, very rough and little flaky!! Is this supposed to happen?

I should also add that I did tan a few days after I derma rolled in my tanning bed. Is this ok?

I stopped using the proactiv and started washing with only a mild cleanser.The only treatment  I am  using my skin biology copper peptide in the evening.

Please help! was it the proactiv wash, toner and acne treatment that irritated my skin? I dont know EXACTLY what to use to obtain the best results from my derma roller. I keep reading to use vit. c serum (which i do have and know how to make it) and that copper peptide at night is great as well. Do i use both at night, because vitamin C should not be used during daytime correct? What do i put on my skin before i derma roll? What do i use in the morning?  I am prone to breakouts and afraid the proactiv is irritating my skin while dermarolling, but afraid if i stop I will break out!! Ive struggled WAY too long with acne.

Can someone please give me a step by step routine for "dummies: :).

 Need to know what exactly to use in the AM (is the proactiv ok?)

what EXACTLY to use WHILE i am  derma rolling?

what EXACTLY to use AFTER dermarolling? (Vit. C, Copper Peptide, vitamin E capsule, Emu oil?)

I do not know where to buy infadolan cream (i have read about this in other threads), I have looked and does not sell where i live. If its recommended i use this will A&D ointment work just as well?

Thank you sooooo much to anyone who can assist.

Natasha K.


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Please help me with proper skincare routine while dermarolling!!!!
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2011, 04:01:44 PM »
I am confused concerning your statement that directions say to roll every day with a 1 mm dermaroller. What directions?

Our instructions    say that a 1 mm dermaroller should not be used more than once in 10-14  days on the same skin area (this frequency is valid for the face. Thick skin on the body can be rolled more frequently).  Our shortest dermaroller (0.25 mm) should be used at most every second day on the face

A 1 mm dermaroller is not suitable for frequent penetration enhancement of  skin care products. You should use a much shorter dermaroller for that (<  0.3 mm) and use it every second day or less.  

Certain Proactive-brand products contain Benzoyl peroxide. It is not a good idea to apply this after dermarolling. Neither it is necessary to get it very deep because acne bacteria do not reside very deep.

 A 1 mm (or longer) dermaroller is suitable to improve acne scars when used every two weeks. It can take over a year to achieve solid improvement. You could pre-treat your skin with vit. C but applying it every third day is sufficient.

 Applying Infadolan after dermarolling with long needles is very suitable but  not totally necessary. Use a product (preferably something heavier/oily to  protect the skin) that you know doesn't make you break out.  I cannot tell you exactly what product, because what makes one person break out doesn't make the other break out so it is hard to give specific advice.  Infadolan cream is sold by us here:

Buy Infadolan

Use your acne-controlling products without dermarolling and roll with the 1  mm dermaroller every two weeks to improve acne scars.

I have already answered several questions about "the best skincare routine" on this forum, but start with our instructions :-)