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Author Topic: Why we don't sell adjustable dermastamps  (Read 4577 times)


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Why we don't sell adjustable dermastamps
« on: June 15, 2011, 08:42:01 AM »
Hi Sarah,


  I came across your site recently and read several topics on your forum.  Its very informative and I'm glad that you've cleared up many misconceptions about Derma Rolling.  


  I am looking to purchase a Derma Stamp to get rid of acne scars and make my cheeks and forehead smoother.


  I was wondering if you sold an adjustable Derma Stamp similar to the one on the derma-roller website.


  I was only able to find the 1.5 mm derma stamp being sold on your website.  

  Please let me know, thanks.

There are many reasons we don't sell such a dermastamp:

1. An adjustable dermastamp can't be properly cleaned. Skin detrius accumulates in the spaces between the needles and the dermastamp body, whereas a fixed-length dermastamp has no such spaces.

2. That dermastamp is too large for targeted treatment of stretchmarks and acne scars etc.

3. That dermastamp has so many needles, that due to the "fakir effect", it is very hard to push them into your skin.

4. In spite of what they claim, their device is not reuseable, due to the impossibility of cleaning the moveable mechanism. There will be 140 hollow spaces that accumulate skin oils and skin flakes. They claim that "other devices are not reuseable", while in reality it is the opposite.

5. For a device with a short lifetime (all microneedling devices will eventually get blunt needles), it is extremely overpriced. They charge 95 GBP, which is 154 dollars. Ours is 17 dollars. That's nine times cheaper.

6. The maximum needle length of their adjustable dermastamp is way to long for safety, neither is a needle length above 2 mm useful for anything.

7. There is no need for adjustablity. 1.5 mm is the "sweet spot" for such a device. shorter needles, and you'll see very little effect when you're deep-targeting stretchmarks and acne scars. Would you pay 150 dollars for a device that doesn't make a difference?

In my opinion, Scientia's business model is to pretend that they have something "special", and they charge outrageous prices, prices that are totally unrelated to the cost of manufacturing or to what such a device can do for you. When you look at their marketing, they are scammers, plain and simple:

"Can you imagine being able to remove your scars, wrinkles and stretch marks with just one simple device?"

I'm sorry, but it is impossible to "remove" scars etc. You can only diminish them.

It's the same old trick: Take a simple, proven concept and come with a "next generation" thingy that costs twice as much to produce, is four times worse in performance, and sell it for eight times more.

It's clear that Scientia is merely a SE Asian sales company with agressive marketing. Nobody there has the slightest knowledge of microneedling and their website is just plain nonsense. Example:

"Use soft and light pressure; it is unnecessary to press excessively hard."

It is of course completely impossible to punch 140 needles through your skin without ramming them in. A dermaroller has approx. the same number of needles, only a small percentage of them penetrate the skin simultaneously.

They also claim that one such dermastamp can replace various dermarollers - a load of bollocks because rollers are perfect to follow the contours of stretchmarks, and rollers come in three widths: Normal width, narrow and single-line. Stamping large square patters is not going to work.