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Author Topic: Confused about your Single Needle items  (Read 6189 times)


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Confused about your Single Needle items
« on: August 24, 2011, 10:36:16 PM »
Hi Sarah and All'

my first time posting here, but first off, I want to tell you that your site is the best i have found to date, dealing with dermarolling. I have learnt so much here. So thanks so much Sarah!

I am interested in ordering several of your items, one of them being the single needles that you offer. I feel that the single needling will work very well for me. I want to improve my acne scarring, and also improve in general the texture of my skin, which I hear dermarollng can achieve.

Now with the single needles, i am not sure how will i know how deep to prick the skin with it?

Is there a stopper on it??? I dont want to go deeper than a 1mm for now.

I did read your top post about adjusting the single needle with a toothpic, but I must be missing something.

How will i be able to stop the single needle penetrating deeper than 1mm???? I do have sensitive skin

Thanks again


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Confused about your Single Needle items
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2011, 08:41:04 AM »
The needle has a stop to it, but that stop is between 2 and 1.5 mm, approximately.

The "toothpick" article explains in great detail (with pictures) how to very simply "stop" the needle at a shallower depth, when needed.