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Author Topic: Derma stamp and Derma roller together?  (Read 6728 times)


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Derma stamp and Derma roller together?
« on: August 29, 2011, 09:35:00 PM »

I would like to use the 1.5 derma stamp every 4-6 weeks for acne scarring on the cheek areas. My scarring is mostly rolling scars that give a "wavy" appearance to the skin. In certain lighting it is not noticeable at all and in other lighting it looks terrible. I'm sure those with this type of scarring know exactly what I'm talking about  :(  

What I am unsure about is the following...

If I want to treat other areas of the face for fine lines/wrinkles around eyes and mouth, large pores on nose (I know that we cannot change pore size, but I would still like to try to improve the skin texture there), can I use the derma stamp on these areas as well every 4-6 weeks -- at the same time that I am doing the cheek areas?  This would definitely be more convenient for me, but I'm not sure if the derma stamp would be too much for these other areas (that do not have scarring). Should I just purchase a separate derma roller for these other areas, and if so, should I use the derma roller on these areas alone every 1-2 weeks (avoiding the cheeks) and then use the derma stamp for the cheeks only every 4-6 weeks?  If I need to purchase a separate derma roller for the other areas, what size would you recommend? I was thinking 0.5, but I'm not positive.

I am also curious as to what products you use, Sarah, on a daily basis. I want to start doing what I can for my skin, but I also do not believe all the hype with skin care products. I think what we put into our body is way more important that what we put on our skin, but I still need the best basic "every day" anti-aging routine that I can find--that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!  Would using your vitamin C and A products be enough? What cleanser do you use? Do you use a moisturizer?

Thanks in advance for your help/advice. I have been researching various sites for quite some time now, and I agree with many of the articles/ideas that you have here on your website, which is why I chose your site to order from. It would be so much easier for me to order from a site within the states, but I think ordering from you and waiting to get the products is worth it after reading here.



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Derma stamp and Derma roller together?
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2011, 05:51:50 PM »
Thank you for your praise!

 Yes you can use the dermastamp on all of your areas at the same time, however a dermastamp is more intended for treating localized scars. There is absolutely no reason why not to use it elsewhere but since it has only 35 needles, using it on large areas will make it blunt much sooner than using it on the scars only and you will have to buy a new one. Be very careful about using it on your nose. Do a small test patch first and never do any intensive, aggressive procedures on your nose. Nose skin is different from other skin and it heals unpredictably - you may end up with worse skin there then you started with.

  Either use a dermaroller for everything and replace it more frequently or buy a 1 mm dermaroller.


  I use almond oil to clean and moisturize my skin. I slightly wet a cotton pad with tap water, add almond oil and clean my face. Almond oil will keep the skin moist and supple by preventing evaporation of water from the skin. I also apply almond oil on my body skin (while the skin is still wet) after a bath. I keep a bottle of almond oil in the fridge and refill a small container that I keep in the bathroom. From time to time a use fine salt in the shower for exfoliation.

  I use Infadolan around my eyes and on top of my hands.

  I use the A-Ret gel twice a week and the homemade vit. C serum three times a week but I have to admit I have been slacking on it and did not apply it as frequently.

  When my skin is irritated I apply a cream with pantothenic acid.

  I use a sunscreen on my face with micronized zinc oxide.

  I do not think that this skin routine is good for every skin type or totally sufficient in general. Neither it is possible for me to answer questions regarding efficacy of various creams. I cannot do the efficacy evaluation of any creams. It has to be done by unbias clinical trials (if at all).

  You have to experiment to find out what suits your skin. Just remember that often the only difference between a cream that costs 100 dollars and 10 dollars is 90 dollars and for the rest there is no difference in their efficacy in spite of all kinds of hype sounding ingredients in the expensive cream.

Also the more is not always the better. Do not use peelings or exfoliation excessively - do not clean the skin excessively. The skin has natural oils that keep it moist and protected.  

  If you have problems with blocked pores, try this: