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Author Topic: Stamping and rolling of stretch marks on breasts  (Read 5024 times)


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Stamping and rolling of stretch marks on breasts
« on: August 27, 2013, 12:08:09 PM »
Sarah, thank you for your reply to the DermaJet question. Wished I'd ordered it before, but was still trying to figure out all about microneedling and try out a couple of the manual devices first as this is rather new to me.  Oh well. I have some more questions if you don't mind.

Based on reading some of the threads here and doing a search on 'breast', I think I'm going to use a 1.5mm roller in conjunction with a 1.5mm dermastamp to work on some fine to moderate stretch marks (mostly on the top of breasts) and some loss of overall elasticity due to weight gain and subsequent weight loss.

The plan (for now, anyway) is to use the dermastamp first on the worst of the stretch marks, then after doing so, but during the same session, to roll the entire breast area with the 1.5 mm roller.

One more thing I will mention is that over the last couple of days I've worked on my lower tummy, hips and buttocks for the same issues, and in areas with significant concentration of stretch marks, I dermastamped 8 times *and* also rolled 8 times both horizontally and vertically. Yes, this took me a long time to do. ;D  Of course, the areas that were both stamped and rolled got quite red and still are, but I don't and didn't find it particularly bothersome or painful, and in fact stopped bothering to ice at some point because it was slowing me down while doing such large areas. Perhaps I have a high pain threshold, though. ;) For the breasts I will probably ice as it's a smaller area, at least until I determine how sensitive that area is.

Questions are:

1) Would it make more sense or achieve better results to only roll these areas first, then come back five or more days later and start with the stamping?  The reason I ask is because of your first reply in this thread:

2) If I stamp and roll in the same session, are eight stamps *and* eight rollings both horizontally and vertically over the same areas excessive? As indicated above, I don't have a problem with this, or at least I didn't in the tummy and hip area where the skin is thicker than the breasts, just want to understand what is optimal.

Thanks for any guidance.


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Re: Stamping and rolling of stretch marks on breasts
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2013, 03:42:55 PM »
You can do it both ways. For those who have lots of stretch marks, it is better to first roll the entire area and when the redness is gone (a few days later) and you can clearly see the stretch marks, start stamping them.
Those who have just a few stretch marks can stamp and roll in the same session. Then it is better to first stamp and then roll because the entire area will get red from rolling so if you first roll, you will not be able to target the stretch marks precisely with a dermastamp.
Your choice of microneedling instruments - a combination of a dermaroller and a more targeted instrument (such as a dermastmp) is very good.
Just to make sure "dermastamp 8 times" means to stamp 8 times each part of the stretch mark or to go over the same stretch mark 8 times. It is laborious.
For stretch marks, you should also apply Tretinoin cream. In case of stretch marks and other scars with hardened collagen (surgical scars, burns and other accident scars etc.), I advise to apply it right after microneedling:
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