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Author Topic: 1.5 mm rolling tonight the first time? question on redness  (Read 2910 times)


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1.5 mm rolling tonight the first time? question on redness
« on: January 20, 2012, 01:32:48 PM »

I'm a 23 year old male with pretty bad acne scarring. I plan on rolling tonight with a Dr. Roller I ordered from here. It's 1.5mm dermaroller.

Tomorrow evening I have to go to a party and I will spend the night there.

Am I going to look like a red tomato or is it just going to be a slight sunburned look??


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1.5 mm rolling tonight the first time? question on redness
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2012, 05:56:02 AM »
How long the redness lasts is individual but on average, the initial redness that looks like a sunburn is gone within a few hours. There can be some residual redness, lasting for a day or two but this is not very noticeable.


  Some of our customers with sensitive skin are still quite red a day after dermarolling with long needles. That is why it is better to do the first roll without planning an important social event the day after - or do just a small test patch first.


  It also depends on what kind of product you apply afterwards. If you apply a cream that contains an acid (glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinoic acid, salicylic acid etc), it will make the skin redder.

   Single needling redness lasts longer and aggressively and deeply needled stretch marks or scars can stay red for a week or longer.


How is your redness today?
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