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Author Topic: Results or Microswelling?  (Read 3839 times)


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Results or Microswelling?
« on: April 23, 2012, 07:58:52 PM »
I'm treating about 30 boxcar and ice pick scars per cheek.

I did an intense single needle session about 3 weeks ago and my scars returned to normal about a week after.

8 days ago I did a roll with a .5mm dermaroller (I do single needle, wait 8-9 days, and roll, 8-9 days then single needle).

My scars now look a little softer around their usual sharp edges and some seem to be more shallow.

They aren't amazing results but I can tell something is working. My question is, could these be results kicking in from the needling?

I am pretty young and I've read on other forums that results come around week 2 to week 3 rather than immediately and things may "look worse before they look better."

Or could this still be swelling from rolling 8 days ago? I only used the .5 roller and had little to no pinpoint bleeding, just a sunburn look. I would love it if needling is working but I'm afraid it's just temporary from the roller? But 8 days later?


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Results or Microswelling?
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2012, 07:30:03 AM »
The reason why long-lasting serious acne leaves scars is because acne causes intensive, long lasting skin inflammation and intensive chronic inflammation eventually damages the skin, it results in skin atrophy: Indented scars.

  The missing skin of the intended scar has to be rebuilt and this can take a long time.


  Collagen production is a slow process and it goes through several stages. It can take months to see results.


  Softening of scar edges (by crushing the scar tissue) after one dermarolling/needling session is certainly realistic. If the scar edges collapse, the scar will become less indented.


  But I cannot tell you whether this happened in your case or not - it would be nice to get feedback from you, how the skin situation continues.


  We have customers whose scars improved significantly after just one needling/rolling and we have customers who have been needling/rolling for months with no results. On the other hand, about a year and a half after we had started to sell needles/rollers I got a barrage of emails saying they

  wanted to give up dermarolling after a year of monthly sessions because there were no significant results but they decided to continue and after a year and a half they finally are getting satisfactory, visible results.