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Author Topic: Can small, shallow stretchmarks disappear entirely with dermarolling and single-needling?  (Read 5880 times)


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> What I have understood stretch mark removal is not completely possible,

  > but I saw in the thread "single needling and collagen production" that you

  > wrote that if the stretch marks are very shallow they maybe could

  > entirely disappear.

  > Do you mean 100% removal or just so they aren't noticable at all?

  > I have some very shallow and small stretch marks, and I really mean small

  > ones... I could not see how so small marks not could disappear

  > completely if you are producing enough collagen.


  It entirely depends on how deep your stretchmarks are. Stretchmarks are usually very deep cracks in the skin that go through the entire epidermis and most of the dermis.  The body repaired the cracks with scar tissue. Scar tissue is not unhealthy but it is a cosmetic problem.

  Scars typically contain a lot of collagen but that collagen is in the form of a scar and that scar tissue is usually atrophic (indented). Your basic technique should be to crush/abrade the hardened scar collagen bundles in the stretchmarks with this single needle of ours and that should make your stretchmarks look better. It will also trigger new collagen production and hopefully (and usually) some of this new collagen will be more like normal skin.

  I have never seen a deep stretchmark disappear but you have a very good chance (lots of our customers achieved this!) that the stretchmarks will look better.

  Needling should eventually make the stretchmarks less indented as well because needling will trigger the growth of new tissue. It is a very slow process and you will need many needling sessions to achieve it. Do not lose hope/faith/determination! This is not voodoo, micro-needling is a scientifically proven method - but if you want to be pretty, you have to suffer (and be patient).

  If your stretch marks are very shallow (which is rare, unfortunately) then after repeated needling you may have "abraded" the entire scar which will then be be replaced or at least partially replaced with normal skin. But - noone can guarantee this. Neither can I predict how much of the scar tissue will be replaced by normal tissue, if at all. Some of our customers achieved success and some haven't. The right technique is important, as well as persistence. Do not fall for the temptation to overdo it either. There are no shortcuts. The skin needs time, a lot of time, to properly regenerate.

  You should dry brush your stretchmarks for several weeks before you start needling and apply vit. C serum according to our dermarolling instructions: