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Author Topic: Simple instructions to treat surgical scars and stretchmarks  (Read 4247 times)


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Simple instructions to treat surgical scars and stretchmarks
« on: February 25, 2010, 09:59:33 AM »
>I have read the instructions how use dermarolling on stretchmarks

  >and surgical scars but I' m a little bit confuse how to do it.

OK, here we go, the clearest I can make it:


Skin preparation:


        Buy a medium-hard brush and dry-brush your stretch marks twice a week until they get red. Wait one hour (or less if the vit. C doesn't irritate/tingle your skin too much) and apply the vit. C serum that you prepare yourself according to our instructions.


      The other days of the week, mix salt or sugar with oil and scrub your stretchmarks until they get red. Wait some time and apply the vit. C that you prepared.


  Repeat this for at least 3 weeks.




          Disinfect your skin. Roll your stretchmarks or scars by doing up and down, left and right and diagonally with the roller. You might get some pinpoint bleeding - this is OK and a sign you're at the right depth.  When you finish rolling, take a shower, air-dry and apply Infadolan ointment onto your rolled skin (a tiny bit of Infadolan is enough).


  Then wait 5 days.


    Then start using a single needle on your stretchmarks and scars. You don't have to do that but it might further improve your stretchmarks or scars.


        You first disinfect your skin with alcohol or iodine (which has to be wiped off before rolling). Make very many pricks (= dense pricking) into your stretchmarks or scars with the single needle. Do not go deeper than pinpoint bleeding (about 2 mm deep). Do not prick the surrounding skin, only the stretch marks or scars.

When you finish, apply a tiny smear of Infadolan. You only need a very thin layer. You can prick whenever you have time. You could prick ten to twenty stretchmarks per day. Do not prick the same stretchmark more than once a month.  When you will have pricked all your stretchmarks at least three times, expose them to the sun. Pricking the stretchmarks might trigger melanocyte production and they may - if you are lucky - tan a bit.

Normally, stretch marks do not tan because they have no melanocytes.


      Single-needle pricking will crush the hardened collagen bundles that are usually present in stretchmarks and it will also trigger new collagen production. It should improve their appearance.


    Continue applying vit. C serum but do not apply it just after pricking because it is acidic. Wait two or three days after the pricking.


          It is not realistic to expect that your stretchmarks will disappear. Stretchmarks are deep cracks in the skin and there is currently no method able to completely remove stretch marks (unless they are very shallow but they are usually very deep). You can significantly improve the appearance of the stretch marks with a dermaroller + single needle and make them a bit shallower, narrower and improve their color but you have to be patient. It is not going to happen overnight.