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Dermarolling / Microneedling / Horrendous Stretch marks..
« on: September 03, 2013, 05:06:02 PM »
Hi guys/girls..

Im 23 from the UK...go to the gym and am in good shape, however i cant go topless when im abroad or swimming cos of these horrendous stretch marks.

I have attached 2photos...they go all the way from my armpit to my hip area.

I understand a 2mm Roller will be best..however im confused as Sarah Says you can stamp the stretch marks everyday with the single use dermastamp over the next 4-5weeks until you use the roller again...confused as seen as it recommends the 2mm roller every 5weeks..surely stabbing the marks again will slow down the repair process?

Just want to get these sorted....didnt go abroad this year for this reason as they are awful!

Will appreciate the reply...want to place an order as soon as i know whats best to get.


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