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Dermarolling / Microneedling / Our Derminator® is finally for sale!
« on: December 14, 2014, 06:42:30 PM »
Finally we announce the world's only fully digital dermaneedling device, the DERMINATOR.

I'm announcing this months after we started selling, because only since recently we aren't constantly sold out.

We invented, designed, prototyped and now manufacture this machine ourselves in Europe in our own factory, using our own employees! We sell it for ten times less than comparable professional-range machines used in clinics because we have a different business model: We think that everyone should be able to afford a clinic-grade dermaneedling machine and thus can afford to bring down the price because we're making these in large quantities. Electronic components, when bought a thousand identical parts at a time, are up to five times cheaper. This, and focusing on home users as well (high sales volume), not advertizing and no fancy packaging is how we can afford to charge only $170 instead of the $2000 that is customary for these type of machines, and then you still won't get the sophistication and safety of the Derminator. There is nothing in the professional dermaneedling world available like this. Hundreds of clinics have already purchased one. Chances are that next time you go for that 600 dollar needling appointment, they'll be using this machine!

The name reminds of The Terminator movie series and that's appropriate because contrary to the Chinese pen-type devices that cause microtearing because they are too weak due to the fact that they are based on permanent-makeup machines, the Derminator is very powerful and needles to the advertised depth and does this so fast that there is no microtearing. And just like the Terminator is an intelligent machine that came from the future to use force, the Derminator is a futuristic, computer-controlled machine that uses sophisticated technology and physical force to greatly improve skin problems such as stretch marks and acne scars.

This machine represents a paradigm-shift. It is so cheap that it will replace manual dermaneedling, also because it's indestructible* and can be re-sold years later. Needle cartridges are only 3 and 4 dollars (for the single needle resp. the 9-needle cartridge). No shipping cost to nearly all addresses worldwide.

The machine has digitally set needling depth, controlled by a microprocessor and a depth sensor.

More info (link to store, videos, specifications, user manual etc.): https://

Make sure to watch the video where we show that our machine does not cause microtearing and competing devices do!

Dermarolling / Microneedling / We sell silicone sheets now
« on: June 03, 2014, 05:46:05 AM »
We have added silicone sheets to our offering, and we are extremely much cheaper than anywhere else:


Dermarolling / Microneedling / ACNE SCARS update after 4 years
« on: April 28, 2014, 11:21:16 AM »
This customer agreed to publish the content of her email on our forum:

------ Original Message ------
To: "" <>
Sent: 18/03/2014 10:21:23
Subject: Update after 4 years
Hi Sarah,
I don't know what my login info is, I used to go by the name Anna on so I haven't been able to log in to write an update in quite a while.
I wanted to let you know that my acne scars have improved tremendously, as well as my chicken pox ones although I've seen greater improvement with my acne scarring. If I had to say percentage wise I would say my acne scars have improved by an impressive 80%, and my chicken pox ones by 40%. I am constantly mistaken for someone in their 20's and that's a nice plus ;) For the first time in a loooong time I am comfortable enough to wear my hair up and away from my face, you have literally CHANGED MY LIFE and I will forever be grateful to you. I will continue to be a loyal customer and I have told many friends and family members about your website. Right now I am continuing with the Dermarolling mostly for maintaining firmness, I'm almost 34 that's the stage my skin is going through now, and to smooth out whatever small acne scarring I have left.
On another note, your copper peptide serum is a miracle, I had a really bad breakout that scabbed over and almost always results in an indentation after it heals, I was applying the copper peptide serum on it two three times a day and guess what? It healed over completely smooth! No scar or indentation AT ALL! This has happened on more than one occasion, I wanted to let you know that, I can't believe it!
 I will also be rolling my stretch marks from two pregnancies with your 80 needle derma stamp, I'm excited to see the progress on that and will most definitely keep you posted.
Thank you again Sarah :) (((hugs)))) 
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Dermarolling / Microneedling / 57 y.old lady with deep wrinkles
« on: February 14, 2014, 01:14:15 PM »
To: "" <>
Sent: 12/02/2014 21:26:23
Subject: What do I need?

I think at this point I have read almost everything on your wonderful site, but I’m still a bit confused. I’m 57 and would like to treat deep wrinkles on my face and neck. Up ‘til now I have used rollers up to 1.5mm without any blood, just some redness. Should I be needling some areas, then stamping them and other areas, then dermarolling? And if so, which size tool should I be using for each, and then how often. Yours is the most knowledgeable, comprehensive and user-friendly site I’ve ever seen. I can already see that there is much I have been doing incorrectly. If you could please give me your best guess, I will purchase the products immediately and begin a new and improved routine.


PS . With all my heart, I appreciate any help you can give me, and if you can, and desire to, post this question and your answer on your website, please do.



>I think at this point I have read almost everything on your wonderful site,

Thank you!

> but I’m still a bit confused. I’m 57 and would like to treat deep wrinkles on my face


- The wrinkles around the eyes

 I recommend a regular 1 mm dermaroller. Some of our customers prefer a 0.5 mm dermastamp.

Concerning the eye area, we recommend not rolling or stamping the area inside the red circles in the picture shown here:


 When you roll/stamp around the eyes, pull/stretch your skin away from the eye with your one hand and roll/stamp it with the other.

-For the so called 11's (the two lines between the eyebrows) - our single needles are the best. Needle the lines every three weeks.


-For the wrinkles around the lips, buy a 1.5 mm dermastamp with 35 needles. This area is very sensitive and you may need a numbing cream. Buy a topical numbing cream in the pharmacy. It is called EMLA or it is a cream containing 5% Lidocaine. Stamp the wrinkles every three weeks.


 Buy our Infadolan ointment and apply a little after microneedling until the treated area heals. You can also apply a little Infadolan daily around your eyes and on top of your hands.


Consider buying our vit. C.


Do not buy Tretinoin cream unless you have hyperpigmentaion or sun damaged skin.


The copper peptides serum is useful for aging skin but it is not necessary for getting results with microneedling.

When you get experienced with dermarolling and when your 1 mm dermaroller get eventually blunt, you can even go for size 1.5 mm.


>and neck.


A regular 1 mm dermaroller. Use the same 1 mm dermaroller also on your entire face in addition to the above suggested treatments.



Dermarolling / Microneedling / How to fix a stuck roller
« on: October 08, 2013, 06:18:29 AM »
It occasionally happens with a very small percentage of OwnDoc dermarollers that one can get a little "stuck". This is caused by the top of one of the roller arms catching on one of the little holes near the edges of the side of the roller head. It causes the roller not to roll smoothly, or even "stick". This is not dangerous but of course inconvenient when it happens.

When this happens with your roller, let us know and we'll immediately send you two replacements without the need to send back the old one. We always ship our replacement products tracked. If your order has been placed less than 90 days ago, we can also refund you and send you a replacement, if you prefer.

Meanwhile, you can either temporarily or usually even permanently fix the problem by slightly bending the white plastic arms apart. Half a millimeter is enough. First soften the plastic by moving both arms around for half a minute under very hot tap water. Don't worry - this won't blunt the needles. Make sure you heat up the arms well, from their very base to their very end.

Then, if you have strong finger nails, pull the arms apart with quite some force. Be careful that you don't pull so hard that the roller head comes out, because it's a pain to get it back in again. If you don't have strong finger nails you'll have to improvise with a thin metal ruler and strong tweezers or needle nose pliers for example. Excert the force at the end of the arms, not where they come out from the handle.

We apologize in advance if you will encounter this problem. The problem is rare but it does happen sometimes. The roller itself is of excellent quality but the problem is caused by the fact that some of the roller head protection caps have been pushed on too tightly, and in the summer heat this has caused some roller arms to be pushed inwards for a fraction of a millimeter. We are working on preventing this problem.

Can't get a stuck roller unstuck? Let us know and we'll send you TWO replacements!

To: "Sarah Vaughter" <>
Sent: 16/09/2013 19:05:25
Subject: Re: Email response time / support FAQ

Hey Sarah

Just emailing my 2 month progress. You can post on forum just ask that
you blur out my email address :)

I began dermastamping with 1.5 mm and then dermarolling right after with
1.5mm 3 months ago. I am now seeing first signs of progress. Most of my
marks are smoother and some have reduced in width. They are also not as
silvery white anymore and are blending in a bit more with surrounding
skin.I know they have far to go again but I'm really happy with the
improvement so far. I plan to continue every three weeks so will update
on my progress in a couple months.

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This customer wrote me a very nice email with such a fine title and she agreed I could post it anonymously on our forum but I forgot:

Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 12:42 AM
Subject: Thanks for making my 50th birthday a little more tolerable! =)

Hi Sarah!

My name is (name removed). I'm a relatively new customer, but have bought
quite a few products for myself and a friend of mine. We have been rolling
our skin regularly, according to your instructions, and I have to say that
we have seen some very nice results. It's nice to know that I can control
how my skin ages, and that it's actually in my budget!

I've been rolling my face, neck, chest, breasts (not as painful as I
anticipated), hands, arms, and tummy with very nice results. I started with
a  .5mm roller, and now up to a 1mm. I'm now brave enough to try the 1.5 and
am also getting the 2mm for the stretch marks on my tummy. I'm looking
forward to seeing how my skin continues to improve over the next year.
Already I see varying improvements in all areas that I've rolled.

Thanks for making these products available at such an affordable cost. Your
website is very educational. I can tell that your heart is in it, and that
you are not out to make a killing. You do, however, earn every cent you

Thanks again!!

(Name removed)

Quite a few people have complained that the "suction pump doesn't work" and we've been sending them replacements and refunds but those same people always reported that the replacement still didn't work. We were about to discontinue this product because after I tried the pump myself, I had the same experience - it didn't work!

Until I figured out how to properly use it  :)


1) Pull out the pump body and twist it into the "locked" position.

2) Insert the suction cup into the pump. Each suction cup has its own valve and needs to be inserted with some force. Not too loose.

3) Place the suction cup flatly against the skin. Using infadolan or some saliva just before suctioning ensures that even the most wrinkly or hairy skin can be suctioned easily.

4) Pump several times to create sufficient suction, while keeping the cup against the skin. Pumping is done by pulling the lever backwards about half way, not too far.

5) The cup will stick to the skin by itself until you pull it off.


In case of loss of suction:

The pump's plunger is easily removed by sticking a small screwdriver into one of the prongs and pulling it out.
Smear some Vaseline or Infadolan onto the seal and put the parts back together in the reverse order.

Your pump still doesn't work?

Let us know and we'll send you a new one!

I got permission from this customer to publish her email, as long as we protected her identity.
Unfortunately she did not manage to document her progress with photos. We remind our customers that when you document good progress and post it here (if you want anonymously and we can help you with covering the eyes - just send us the pictures and we'll attach them to the posting), that we will reward you with products of your choice!

I looked at her orders with us and she used:

Sept. 25, 2012:

1 x Disinfectant Chloramine-T (20 g / 0.7 oz)
1 x 1.5 mm DERMASTAMP
4 x Vitamin C (20 g / 0.7 oz)
1 x Infadolan (vit. A & D ointment), 30 g tube

Dec. 9, 2012:

1 x Suction pump for tethered scars and acne scars
1 x Infadolan (vit. A & D ointment), 30 g tube
1 x A-Ret cream 0.025%, 18 g (Retinoic acid, Tretinoin)

Hi Sarah,

I just had to write to tell you about my results.  I am 42 years old and have had acne my entire life.  I of course have lots of scarring from that.  Over the last couple of years I've noticed that the scarring has gotten way worse or way more apparent and I suppose that is because I am losing some of the plumpness in my skin from aging.  I started to consider some kind of surgical intervention b/c it looked so bad but I just can't afford that.  A friend told me about microneedling and honestly I didn't have much hope but thought I would give it a try.  I have had AMAZING results!!!  They are better than what I could have hoped for in a surgical intervention.  My scarring has filled in by at least 50% - I think more.  I used to have literally huge dents in the side of my head that I could run my fingers over and feel the big dents.  They are pretty much gone now.  My cheeks have filled in.  I could not be happier!!! I tried to take b efore pics but they never turned out right.  I needed better lighting and a friend probably to take the pics but anyway.  I am just so happy and wanted to thank you for your products and writing out how to use them and being so trustworthy.  I will keep working my products.  THank you!

There is a company owned by Horst Liebl, that holds the Dermaroller™ trademark. They falsely claim to have invented the dermaroller.

Their main distributor and online vendor is dermarollerus dot com, and the only products they sell to private individuals have such short needles (0.2 mm) that they do not majorly rejuvenate the skin, those short-needled rollers are mainly for product absorption. They only sell the longer-needled dermarollers to cosmetic surgeries and beauty salons and the like. That is their business strategy, because that way, they hold a chokehold on the professional market, forcing them to honor their patent and buy dermarollers only from them. You already guessed it: Their rollers are many times more expensive than ours or just about anyone else's, even though their rollers don't even have a staggered needle pattern.

What is so controversial about them?

1. Dr. Des Fernandez says they got the idea from him, they cheated him out of the patent he claims. After having talked to him and thoroughly verifying his arguments, we think he's right. From his correspondence: "While I have your attention I would like to point out that Horst Liebl was not the inventor.  I drew a diagram of the roller for him in 1998 when he visited me in Cape Town.  I had submitted the design for patenting the year before but withdrew because there was doubt about it's patentability."

2. That company is reportedly using lawsuits to shut down other companies that sell dermarollers so that they'll have the monopoly, even though their patent is not enforceable due to prior art. Again, from Dr. Fernandez' email: "Dr. Pistor, the father of mesotherapy, had patented a rolling device in 1950's to enhance the penetration of vitamins and induce collagen formation!". This is the dermaneedling device patent from 1974 by Michel Pistor: Read PDF. So Dr. fernandes was correct in thinking that the dermaroller was not patentable, because Pistor's patent shows and describes an identical embodiment of the invention and for identical uses as the currently patented Dermaroller™ (read PDF) by Horst Liebl.  As you see, Liebl patented the same device in 2009, 35 years later.  That makes his patent null and void due to its unenforceability.

3. They or their distributors are spreading a lot of nonsense about home-dermarolling, apparently in the hope to scare people away from it, so that they'll get a monopoly on the use of the devices (their dermarollers of course) in clinics only. More about their FUD (sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt) later.

4. The only dermaroller they sell has such short needles (0.2 mm) that it doesn't much regenerate collagen or elastin (it only affects the epidermis), but they charge you 150 dollars for it. $149.95 to be precise. There is nothing special about their roller. It used to be produced in Bali, Indonesia, according to Dr. Fernandes. Then their factory reportedly burnt down and noone knows where they're produced now.

We will now debunk their scaremongering (they want you to use their expensive rollers in a clinical setting only, they can't make money from "home-rollers"):

They say that dermaneedling devices are not reusable because the needles get blunt

That is clearly nonsense, because they sell a 0.2 mm dermaroller and claim that you can reuse it 125 times without getting blunt needles. The needle length is irrelevant for the speed of blunting, since only the very tip blunts. So they contradict themselves when they say that needles blunt quickly when the roller is used multiple times. Similar nonsense is that blunt needles can cause nerve damage. The nerves are much deeper than the longest needles. The truth is that needles only very slowly get blunt, depending on how much skin is treated, in total, with a needling device. And you will start feeling that. Needling will hurt a bit more or it will get a bit harder to push the needles in. Then you know it's time to replace the roller.

They say that you can't reuse a dermaneedling device because they can't be re-sterilized

They put up a straw man by saying that alcohol merely disinfects but not sterilizes. They claim that only autoclaving can sterilize a roller, and that therefore, only metal rollers can be reused. However, there are cheap chemicals that do sterilize a plastic roller: Chloramine-T for example. We sell it. That Chloramine-T sterilizes instead of merely disinfects was already known 100 years ago (PDF).

They claim that dermaneedling with needles of 0.5 mm length and longer is a "medical procedure" and illegal to perform in the US for anyone except medical doctors

This is of course not true, since ordinary tatoo needles go up to 2 mm deep and something tells me that there aren't too many surgeons amongst tattoo artists. They warn against nerve damage, infections and other scary things, even though there isn't the slightest danger that that ever happens. There are no nerves anywhere at the depth of even the deepest needles we sell (2 mm). Infections would be extremely rare even if you'd not clean and disinfect or sterilize the roller/stamp, but with disinfection or sterilization, infections are totally unheard of. We have sold tens of thousands of dermarollers, single needles and dermastamps and we have yet to hear of a single infection. It's just sowing FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

They claim that dermarollers with a needle length from 0.5 mm and above are restricted medical devices

No doubt this would be due to their own lobbying! Even if true in some jurisdictions, this legislation should be easy to circumvent or even revert, since a dermaroller with the longest needles can simply be reclassified as a handy tattoo device to tattoo large areas rapidly. Tattoo needles aren't medical devices and can be freely imported and bought and sold by anyone. Alternatively, the devices can even be labeled "Sushi tenderizer".

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Video with proper dermarolling technique
« on: October 11, 2012, 03:14:11 PM »
One of our experienced customers has made a owndoc dermarolling information video for us in which she demonstrates the correct dermarolling techniques.

Our very extensive dermaneedling instructions (PDF)

Please note that she is not moving the roller sideways a few mm, every roll, contrary to our recommendations. The pupose of the video is to show the correct technique (lifting the roller after every rolling motion). The slightly-sideways positioning is used on larger skin surfaces. All that counts is to achieve sufficient prick density. As long as any star patterns are avoided, you can use any other method to achieve sufficient prick density. We suggest moving sideways a few mm after every roll, but on smaller skin patches on the face that may not be practical.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia
« on: June 04, 2012, 08:29:39 AM »
From Kalea:

NEWBIE HERE. i'm trying to figure out how to post a message but have not figured it out yet so i thought i'd just jump in here cause wow, MY skin sure is starting to fall apart. some of it i suppose i should just accept: i will be 60 on july 3. however, four months ago i was diagnosed with frontal fibrosing alopecia: there is a distinct pattern to it: everyone who has it loses their hair up to the midline of thehead. i am very fortunate that i have curly hairl. my hairdresser has been able to style my hair so that the remaining layer of it, not too thin or bad looking, cover what is happening underneath. i am still, natrually, devastated that this is happening. i am now taking Plaquenil for inflammation (i do have total systemic inflammation, inflammatory autoimmune disease....i'm doing all i can do to address the whole package...)but the disease keeps progressing. i have a custom made wig on its way soon.....i just hope my hairdresser can style it to look like my hairstyle just a bit.......oh how i wish i wasn't having to deal with this. it is just one of several autoimmune diseases i have. and now it looks like i might have vitiligo....i've been noticing for several years that on both arms there are noticeable white spots...what looks like a loss of color on the skin. now i see it has is going on all over my arms. not very noticeable as i am fairskinned, but still you can see what is happening.

i have always had a high forehead but not i truly look freakish......what i am noticing are odd areas of "denting" almost; ridges and white patches occurring on the top of forehead, and there are seeming areas that look like they have been outlined or something...many of them. over both eyebrows it looks as if there are actually ridges...very hard to describe.

i dont' see my dermatologist for a check up on the fibrosing alopecia for a couple of months.....and i started looking on the net for any kind of information i could find, with my lack of descriptors for the situation. if there is anyone here who might be able to help, i would so appreciate it. i am really feeling awful about all of's just been one thing after another for me...........................i've been as "strong" and positive as i can be all along...but this hair loss thing, m y body attacking the hair follicles and killing the, is more than i can take.

thanks for reading....blessings to all..



Sarah Vaughter:

I understand how mentally painful it is for a woman to be balding.


Have you tried Finasteride or Dutasteride?


It seems that even though the hair follicles are mainly attacked by the immune cells in fibrosing alopecia, there is still a hormonal aspect present because fibrosing alopecia affects almost exclusively post-menopausal women and treatments with anti-androgens has been successful.

For example:

Successful treatment of frontal fibrosing alopecia with a combination of oral dutasteride and topical pimecrolimus


....We present the case of a 55 year-old woman with FFA, who was treated with oral dutasteride, a potent 5a- reductase inhibitor, and topical pimecrolimus. We observed a significant and sustained control of the disease, as well as some hair regrowth with

insignificant adverse effects.

The full study is here:


To understand the role of finasteride or dutasteride, please read my reply #8:


Dermarolling or Minoxidil will not help with this type of hair loss.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Cheeks, arms, elbows. knees, legs
« on: March 29, 2012, 04:11:37 PM »
1. Sarah , I have no idea why but Im scared of single needles but not the

rollers or stamp.

The scar in between my eyebrows is 20 odd years old, was caused by a blow to

the region with scissors and sits straight in between eyebrows like a line.

(I personally think it's going to reduce excellently using collagen

induction and will keep picture history for you).


2. Directly above the left eybrow is a wrinkle (which I stupidly caused at

one point by taping my eyebrows at night to see if I could pull the muscle

back to alleviate frowning. Can you try and explain to me where in the

layers of skin did this type of 'motor ' wrinkle form and did I actually

cause something like a scar or (collagen bundle that can be dispersed with

needling? (I think so. The area is also in the same spot as the underlying

scar tissue (which can be felt as a hard mass underneath eyebrow). Once

again ,I intuitively feel it will respond well to treatment, but because of

the size of the area(about one inch wide and long ) I KEEP THINKING STAMP

might be better. ALSO I have a very old scar on the back of my leg (right in

the crase behind the knee) 33 years old 2inches long and about an inch in


Just derma stamping it would be easier surely??? (it would be hard to single

needle it in that position)



From reading I now understand what to do with strtch marks (single needle

yep , but what does that mean ? You just buy one ? What size or sizes for

all the tasks I mentioned?


4. For the body I would like to needle knees To increase collagen in area so

they dont have wrinkling at all , arms (same reason , (to firm them and get

morew product in) (elbows  and feet - add more collagen and firm ) , so

please advise on that.

5. Still not sure what size roller for face, but I want better product use,

but I also want skin lifting of jowl area, prick my cheeks for more plumping

, just under eyebrows (is that allowed ? , sure , no eye -LIDS , but I would

love to get around eyes and top of lips please, so choose the right one for



Thanx so much Sarah , Ive joined the forum so u can post this up if u want.

Please advise asap as I CANT WAIT !!!

Dermarolling / Microneedling / ReCell and dermarolling
« on: February 05, 2012, 06:21:08 AM »
>My question is about ReCell, a new spray-on skin treatment by Avita

>Medical that uses the patient's own skin. It is supposed to help improve

>skin texture. Unfortunately, it must be used after a procedure that injures

>the skin, such as dermabrasion or laser. I do not wish to undergo those

>procedures. Do you think the ReCell treatment could be beneficial if

>applied after and agressive needle-rolling session? And do you have any

>thoughts about ReCell?


  The ReCell method is based on removing a small piece of epidermis (below the ear). The Epidermis is the outermost skin layer and it is only about 0.1- 0.3 mm thick.


  The removed epidermis is processed to separate the cells and a suspension (a fluid containing solid particles) is made. It contains epidermal cells - keratinocytes, melanocytes, fibroblasts and Langerhans cells.


  The suspension is applied to unhealed injuries, especially to burns. It speeds up re-epithelization of the injury. The quicker an injury heals, the greater the likelihood that it heals with a scar that is not hypertrophic.


  ReCell is also used to re-pigment hypopigmented areas.

  Various methods of melanocyte (cells producing skin pigment melanin) transfer have already been successfully used for a long time for Vitiligo. The epidermis from a normally-pigmented area is removed/scratched off, then processed (or not) and applied on the area with hypopigmentation that had been abraded beforehand, to enable the "uptake" of the applied melanocytes.


  It is an interesting method, however it is still risky and complicated.  Needling/dermarolling is incomparably easier and it actually triggers melanocyte production. Furthermore, needling the hypopigmented area, including needling slightly outside of its borders will enable a rapid migration of the melanocytes from the surrounding normal skin into the hypo-pigmented areas. We have many customers who permanently fixed their hypopigmentations with needling.


  Concerning your question: Applying ReCell after dermarolling/needling would likely allow the applied cells to penetrate and be "taken". However, there is no need for speeding up the healing time after dermarolling because healing is already extremely fast due to the fact that dermarolling does not remove the epidermis. It merely pricks it. There are small microinjuries from the needles but these heal rapidly.


  Dermarolling triggers production of all the cells that are in the epidermal suspension thus I do not think you will benefit applying it. It will certainly not make the pores smaller or smooth out the skin texture.


  ReCell is very beneficial for quick re-epithelization of an injury or any other case where quick epitheization is helpful – for example, after abrading a hypertrophic burn scar, after skin transplants, after a very deep acid peel, after ablative laser resurfacing etc. It will speed up the healing time and thus prevent potential problems, such as infection, scarring etc.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / FORUM RULES Please read before posting
« on: February 03, 2012, 01:35:44 PM »
By posting here, you agree to the following rules:

1. This is not a general forum about dermaneedling but an information database for our products. Only a very small range of questions are on-topic here.

This forum is only intended to give support pertaining our products to our customers, it is not a general forum about dermaneedling. We reserve the right to delete postings that ask questions about products that we don't sell as off-topic. Examples of what is off topic here: "Can I use <product we don't sell> after dermarolling?" or "Why don't you sell <product we don't sell>?" or "My doctor disagrees with <statement you made>" or "I read XYZ and it seems to disagree with what you say" or "why don't you sell <x> instead of <y>?". The reason these questions are off-topic is that we often would have to spend a lot of time researching and formulating an answer, and we simply do not have time to spend answering questions that have nothing to do with actual support (how to use our products to treat skin problems). If you have a question such as "why don't you sell <x> instead of <y>, please do the research yourself as to the benefits of <x> vs. <y> and email us, don't post it here. We only sell products we think are really useful, so if we don't sell it, we think it's not very useful by definition.

2. This is not a place for shipping- and warranty-related customer service

If your shipment is taking too long to arrive or if you have any other questions or remarks related to our service, this forum is not the right place because it is a database for product use only. Where your package is etc. is of no interest to others on this forum. Any type of service-related talk (payment, shipping, tracking, transit times, returns etc.) should be emailed to

3. Search before posting

Please use the forum search feature to see whether your question has already been answered, before you post any questions. We reserve the right to delete postings that are effective duplicates of previous postings or to which the answer can be found using a forum search. If, after extensive searching, you did not find the answer to your question, make sure you read our instructions, our sales page, the extended product descriptions in our store and the articles on our site. Then and only then, the question may be appropriate here. Every time we answer a question with just a link or links to material on our site, the posting was in violation of our forum rules.

4. Descriptive post titles please

Please don't use meaningless post titles like: "Question" or "Help!!" or "2 mm dermaroller" or "Newbie with scars". Before posting, think of a descriptive title that explains the main topic of your posting in such detail that when someone has the same problem, they can find it in a search or by browsing the forum. We reserve the right to modify nondescriptive titles.

5. Proper English please

When posting, please use proper English, or at least try to do so. Postings with SMS-talk like "ur" instead of "your" etc. will be deleted for being disrespectful. It's not just that such postings hurt the eyes, it's also that search engine rankings increasingly depend on reading comprehension level and syntactical and grammatical correctness. This forum provides a spell-checker and most browsers do as well nowadays.

6. Insulting us means you won't be able to read this forum anymore and you won't be able to buy from us either

We know the IP address and email of those who post here. Any type of insult to our character, products or business may result in a read-ban on this forum and a buy-ban in our store.

7. If you post here and you did not get an answer (yet), please do not email with the same question(s).

This will cause us extra work so we will usually ignore the email version of the question(s). Also, if your posting remains unanswered for more than a week, it could be that we forgot to answer, but more likely it is because we thought it did not warrant an answer or was otherwise unanswerable.

8. Please no product marketing

We do not allow "spamming" for any products. Spammers are so clever with their tricks nowadays, it's impossible to be sure who is a genuine customer and who is paid to advertise certain wares on forums. Any reasonably suspicious mention of any products - especially directly competing products - will be considered spam and we will reserve the right to remove the posting and, in case of posting links, we may ban the account or even the IP address. Someone who posts links to competing products will be IP-banned, even if it was a "genuine mistake" (due to not reading these rules beforehand..)

9. Please no product complaints

There are some unscrupulous competitors who, in the past, have done some outrageously unethical things to damage our business, so we can never be sure that any complaints on this forum are genuine. We therefore ask customers to email us with a refund- or replacement request instead. Product complaints should be handled by our service department and have no place in a forum that is a "how to use" questions-and-answers resource. Our customer service people do not read these forums. We always refund people who have a legitimate complaint.

10. Do not ask for advice with finding "alternatives" to our products

We offer excellent products at an unbeatable price. If you for some reason don't want to buy our products, you can't expect us to spend time helping you find a competing product. Especially not on a public forum intended to answer questions about our products.

11. Do not ask for advice on products that are not ours

Any type of questions related to any product we don't sell is strictly off-topic on this forum and is usually considered SPAM. Questions in that regard should be directed to the manufacturer or vendor of that product. We do not have time to investigate the countless products out there. You have to do that yourself or ask the vendor. A first violation of this rule will usually result in the deletion of the posting, subsequent ones will likely result in a posting ban.

12. If you are going to complain about how dermaneedling ruined your skin, please provide photographic evidence

We are not able to distinguish between bona-fide complaints and attacks by the laser/botox mafia if you don't provide evidence. We are not paranoid, see for example this posting for how people spread fake horror stories about damaged skin to discredit dermaneedling.

13. Posted pictures can not be removed or modified and by uploading them here, you license us an unlimited, non-exclusive, non-expiring right to use them on our websites or marketing materials as we see fit. You grant us the right to watermark them. You otherwise retain full Copyright.

This forum is intended as a resource for others. If you upload pictures, everyone, including we, know what the skin issue is about. If you later remove the picture, the thread loses important information, sometimes to the point of meaninglessness. If you are concerned about privacy, omit or mask your eyes, mouth etc. We can also do that for you after you posted the pictures to ensure your anonymity. Regular forum users do not have image modification/removal privileges. Please do not to link to pictures posted elsewhere but post them here. Linking to pictures posted elsewhere nearly guarantees they will soon disappear. This forum is a symbiosis between you and us. You get expert advice, we get your picture so that this forum remains the internet's #1 skin improvement resource. If you disagree with this policy, please do not post pictures - but then again, without picture it is very hard to give the best advice.

14. Post your own pictures - not pictures you found online

We are not allowed to use pictures from other sites, since we do not own the Copyright. If you are worried about getting recognized, you can put a black bar over your eyes. You can email us the photo so that we can do that for you and attach it to your posting.

15. Please do not post bad quality pictures or too large pictures

This is not a strict rule but a request: Pictures made by a webcam are of too bad quality, as well as pictures made in the dark. Do not compress pictures to a tiny size (20 KB or so) JPEG because all the detail will be lost. Make sure that when you make a picture of your skin, that you use sufficient light and that it is in focus. Please do not attach images straight from your camera, because those are many MB in size, as well as being absolutely huge in physical size. Resize them to for ex. a width of at most 1200 pixels and use 20 to 30% JPEG compression. Postings with blurry pictures will be deleted. Only post sharp, well-lighted pictures please.

16. Please do not post links to pictures but the pictures themselves

Otherwise the links will inevitably become "dead links" eventually.

17. Please do not ask for medical advice.

Dermaneedling instruments with a needle length longer than 0.25 mm are classified in the entire Western world as "medical instruments". In spite of what other vendors may claim, their sale is illegal, worldwide, and the FDA takes action against the sellers:


Our payment processors - all payment processors - actively police what a vendor sells and whether the items are in compliance with the applicable laws in the seller's country as well as in the buyer's countries. We were not so long ago forced by PayPal to stop selling a product that was perfectly legal in the US, but it was prohibited in the EU. Even though we did not sell it to the EU. The total damage done to our company was more than one million dollars and we had to fire people. I mention this to illustrate that we're talking about real danger to our company as soon as we even give a faint impression to MAYBE violate any law, anywhere. Merely indicating to PayPal that we "give medical advice for medical products" might be sufficient to shut our company down forever. PayPal still allows all our competitors to sell the same product. They gave us one hour to stop selling ours or they would blacklist us forever. This is unfortunately how things work nowadays.

This means that we are taking a big risk, selling dermaneedling instruments, and we hope our customers appreciate the fact that we sell the best quality instruments for an honest price, and give the most comprehensive, well-researched dermaneedling information in the business in the form of various PDF's, articles and thousands of forum replies.

Even though the sale of dermaneedling instruments is a criminal offense because they are classified worldwide as unlicensed, unapproved medical instruments, it is not an offense to give general dermaneedling information. However, if we answer a specific question to a customer who purchased or will purchase one of our dermaneedling instruments, then the act of answering this question is a criminal act, namely the offense of practicing medicine without a license. Giving any kind of personalized or specific advice is a criminal offense (in all western countries), as can be verified here:


Our risk of answering any question, however remotely related to the actual dermaneedling treatment you may think it may be, is very severe. If a customer for example would sue us for perceived bad advice, the customer would win litigation by default because we illegally sold a prohibited medical instrument and unlawfully dispensed medical treatment advice. A court would rule for us to pay damages and penalties.

Answering ANY question about dermaneedling, ESPECIALLY questions of which incorrectly implementing the answer could negatively affect treatment outcome such as questions about disinfection procedures, needle length, needling techniques, pre- and post-treatment products and procedures, needling duration, intervals, intensity and frequency is therefore impossible for us, since it would be adding a second crime to the crime of selling you the medical device in the first place. We can most likely get away with the crime of having sold you a dermaneedling instrument, as long as we don't make the mistake of adding the additional crime of practicing medicine without a license, because statistically, if we do this with tens of thousands of customers, there will inevitably be some who will later sue us, and we would lose all cases.

Thank you for your understanding.

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