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Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: crepe skin
« on: December 20, 2012, 06:17:56 PM »
Thanks Sarah,i will just keep ploughing on then. Lol :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: crepe skin
« on: December 18, 2012, 05:23:57 PM »
Hi Sarah,two things firstly,by crepey skin i mean like gathered, is the best way i can describe it,sort of some parts of the skin around the top of the cheek bone area gathered together between the bone that you can feel directly under the eye, and the top of your cheek.And secondly what do you mean by putting my previous posts down as sticky?Many thanks. :)

Dermarolling / Microneedling / crepe skin
« on: December 16, 2012, 02:55:47 PM »
Hi Sarah,what is the best way to take care off crepe skin? i have been having pretty good sucess with the dermaroller and derma stamp in most other areas,such as skin tightening, crows feet, wrinkles and that type of thing,and as i have stated to you in a previous e-mail, i have been  derma rolling and derma stamping for four months now.The process seems to have worked well with all the other imperfections,but as far as the crepe skin goes,around both cheek bone areas by the way,it hasnt really moved a muscle.I have used the 0.5mm roller and stamp,the 1.0mm roller and stamp and the 1.5mm roller and stamp and all to no avail in four months.,all with the vitamin c powder ,copper peptides,retin a 0.025 and the infadolan ointment.I have a 2.0mm derma roller and a 2.0mm derma stamp here at home so i think i will give them a shot,should they do the job,so to speak?And if they do, how long could it take before seeing noticeably resuls in this area?And if they dont do it then what should?Many thanks as ever, your help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Hi Sarah,Thanks very much for paragraphing and then answering my wall of text a few days ago,just one other question and something that i forgot to mention in my last e-mail,i have what i would class as shaving scars or shaving nicks,its just when you shave and nick urself a few times,a couple around the chin and four or five around the side of the face at the jaw area,they are certainly not raised scars,they are more like blotches on your skin that sit out from your natural facial condition,they were actually createted    fourteen or fifteen years ago with a disposable razor,and they have been with me ever since,i have tried to remove them totally before with a 1.0mm derma stamp which lessened the appearance of them a little,and then a 1.5mm derma stamp a couple of times,but they didnt seem to lessen or totally eradicate them at all.Would a 2.0mm derma stamp totally eradicate them?Or should i go down the route of getting the single needle?Or will it not eradicate them either?Many thanks as always Sarah

Hi Sarah,

i have been using the 0.5mm derma roller and the 0.5mm derma stamp twice a week, and applying the relevant and applicable products bought off your website by the way, for the last three months, for the best product penetration. Every ten-fourteen days i also use the 1.0mm derma roller and the 1.0mm derma stamp along with the products, and every three weeks, i would use the 1.5mm derma roller and the 1.5mm derma stamp along with the products, is this a good enough regime to use?

The results in this time period so far have been quite encouraging, i am currently a forty seven year old man, that before he started this process, had quite deepening forehead frown lines and also quite noticeable deepening crows feet along with a few other imperfections such as a small surgical white scar about an inch in length, starting from my eyebrow up toward my forehead, although i wouldnt say it was very deep and also  quite a long wrinkle which has just popped up on my facial cheek area in the last year or so, starting from just under the eye bone area, to a bit of the way down my cheek,and also some sun damage or pimentation spots, and also the skin had been a bit loose at both sides of the face around the jaw area.

Well after this three month period i can safely say that my forehead frown lines havent been totally eradicated, but have certainly been reduced or lessened although still visibly noticeable, will there be more improvement to come in this area through the rest of the  cycle?

The crows feet area have more or less been totally eradicated, only  white lines at the side of both eyes exist, the bits of sun damage or pigmentation spots dont seen to be there anymore, or if they are very faint and unnoticeable to me, and the loosish skin on the face at the sides around the jaw areas have tightened up, that would really only leave the longish wrinkle, which is now fainter and you have to look for it or point it out to notice it now, and the surgical white scar above my right eye which i havent done any work with as yet, because i have been mainly concentrating on all the other areas i have already stated.

So just a couple of quick questions before i finish up. Firstly, i have already stated previously that i use the 1.5mm derma roller and derma stamp ,well i have had four sessions already with each, the dermaroller is ok as yet, but the stamp is on its last legs, with maybe a couple more sessions left in it i also have at home a 2.0mm derma stamp would it be ok to progress to using this for the deepening lines on the forehead ?And also for the long wrinkle on my cheek ?
As i have already had sessions with both the 1.0mm stamp and most recently a couple of sessions with the 1.5 mm stamp, and although it has made it a bit fainter with the 1.0mm derma stamp, the 1.5mm derma stamp hasnt moved matters along at all,so i take it if the 2.0mm derma stamp doesnt do it after a couple of sessions i will just have to wait and purchase the single needle you sell when it arrives?

And lastly i take it its ok just to go ahead and use the 2.0mm derma stamp on the white surgical scar above my eye? And for some reason if that fails just single needle it as well?

Many thanks once again for your time and patience in advance for answering all these questions and queries.

I would just like to add for any newbees comming onto this site for the first time, not to be skeptical about purchasing any off the products on this site to assit them in their quest for facial or bodily improvement, this in conjunction with the incredible knowledge and advice that Sarah provides is a total winner,and after the initial three month period to date, i can certainly vouch for this. Many Thanks as always.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: How useful is the 1 mm dermaroller?
« on: September 15, 2012, 10:28:13 AM »
Thanks for your swift reply Sarah,i think i will take your advice and use the 0.5mm for basically product penetration,twice aweek, along with the recommended products, and the 1.0mm once every two weeks to refresh the facial skin and also for the back of the hands which are becoming noticeably and increasingly more wrinkly,rather than have the 1.0mm dermaroller going to waste so to speak lol,and use the 1.5 roller and the 1.5 derma stamp for my  quite deepening forehead lines and crows feet once a monthAlthough i have had the 1.5 roller and 1.5 derma stamp for two or three weeks now,  i havent got around as yet to use either on my forehead or my crows feet,having said that i havent used the 1.0mm stamp, just the roller on my deepening forehead lines either,just on my crows feet, which after the first session seem to reduce them quite alot compared to what they orginally were before i decided to start this dermaroller/dermastamp process,but didnt eradicate them totally,so would a 1.5mm stamp do this? And also the deepening forehead lines? And if so how many sessions do you think in your own opinion it would take?Or is it just an individual thing and therefore every case is different? Many thanks in advance once again and many congratulations on having a very honest and informative website.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / How useful is the 1 mm dermaroller?
« on: September 12, 2012, 02:49:57 PM »
Hi Sarah,i have currently got three sizes of dermarollers at home,0.5mm.1.0mm and also the 1.5mm model.I know the 0.5mm model is used mainly for product penetration and the longer needle length of 1.5mm to remove pretty deep lines around the face mainly to penetrate deeper down through the skin and hopefully remove the deeper  forehead lines and the likes of crows feet,the question i have for you is this,is there really much need for the 1.0mm model?I know that you can use shorter needles in the time before having to use the longer 1.5mm roller ,but does a mixture of the 0.5mm and the 1.5mm not really serve the same purpose and eradicate the need for a 1.0mm roller?Or is it benefical to use the 0.5 mm roller twice or three times a week,the 1.0mm roller once every ten days or fortnight and then the 1.5mm roller once a month.By the way every time i use a roller i am using a stamp in conjuction with it, is this ok too?      Many thanks as always.

Hi Sarah,i have seen a previous post in the past few months from urself in answer to giving smalkin an frequency regime reguarding the derma roller and product appliance.I have recently purchased a-ret cream 0.025 from urself, and have already had the infadolan,vitamin c powder and the copper peptide masks already here at home,  along with the 0.5mm and 1.5mm derma rollers.For the last three or four weeks i have been applying the first option in your post, which includes the 0.5mm and the 1.5mm derma roller,although i havent actually started to use the 1.5mm dermaroller as yet, along with the daily applications of product that you suggest in conjuction with the 0.5mm roller.You suggest in your first option of your replied post, in the product application regime,that you basically only need to apply the vitamin c powder,the copper peptide mask and also the a-ret cream about twice weekly,although you are not supposed to use the vitamin c powder and the copper peptide in the same day,would it speed the process of results up more quickly if i were to use the stated products every day instead of twice weekly?And secondly,is it ok to put the glass bottles that i have made up the vitamin c in and the a-ret cream and infadolan and the copperpeptide mask all in the fridge?And lastly how much more shelf life would be added to their life span by putting them in the fridge?   Many thanks as ever Sarah.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Derma stamping frequency
« on: September 04, 2012, 09:32:07 AM »
Hi Sarah,How often should you use the 0.5mm derma stamp?And also how often should you use the 1.0mm derma stamp.?It states on your product page how often in weeks terms that you should use the other stamps, but not these :) sizes.Many thanks.

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