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Author Topic: Eyebrow scar from accident, not acne: breaking up scar & product penetration  (Read 7466 times)


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Hello all, this is my first post here. I've seen similar queries but wanted to ask mine specific to my situation. I have a scar in my eyebrow from a childhood accident. I had stitches. It's a white line, so the issue is very different from an acne scar. The scar runs "beneath" my eyebrow and then travels out about half an inch right where the arch is. Arg! Naturally my eyebrows don't grow in the same shape and it drives me crazy. I'm curious about using needling both to break up the scar (fingers crossed that hair might start to grow there, but my hopes are low) and about using smaller needles for product penetration to get hair regrowth serum really working. I've used a keratinocyte growth factor serum there before and it did seem to work for me. Unfortunately hair grew in wherever it felt like and it seemed to make the unevenness of the brows even worse. I'd like to try that same product again with a roller to get it deeper in there. Then where the hair has grown in fine and invisible I can use a tint over it and try to match the shape of the other one!

Of course I also want to work on the scar itself. Who knows, maybe years from now it will be broken up enough that hair might grow on my eyebrow arch. But I know that's a very slow process. And I'm intimidated by the single needle! Would a stamp work just as well, seeing as I can't really "see" the part of the scar that's under the eyebrow? Maybe I should use the single needle just on the scar line that sticks out above my eyebrow?

Thanks for your help!


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If the scar is relatively thin, buy just our single needle. Needle the scar relatively deep every three weeks.

You can use the single needle for product penetration as well. Just do not insert the full length of the needle. Insert just the tip.

If you prefer, use a 1 mm dermastamp instead of the single needle.

For hair thickening, try Bimatoprost:


Bimatoprost  is not officially indicated for eyebrows (only for eyelashes) but many people use it on eyebrows as well.

Apply Bimatoprost after needling or stamping with the tips of the needles.

Alternatively, apply Minoxidil (for sale OTC for hair thickening):