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Author Topic: Problems with the suction pump? Here's how to properly use it  (Read 21503 times)


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Quite a few people have complained that the "suction pump doesn't work" and we've been sending them replacements and refunds but those same people always reported that the replacement still didn't work. We were about to discontinue this product because after I tried the pump myself, I had the same experience - it didn't work!

Until I figured out how to properly use it  :)


1) Pull out the pump body and twist it into the "locked" position.

2) Insert the suction cup into the pump. Each suction cup has its own valve and needs to be inserted with some force. Not too loose.

3) Place the suction cup flatly against the skin. Using infadolan or some saliva just before suctioning ensures that even the most wrinkly or hairy skin can be suctioned easily.

4) Pump several times to create sufficient suction, while keeping the cup against the skin. Pumping is done by pulling the lever backwards about half way, not too far.

5) The cup will stick to the skin by itself until you pull it off.


In case of loss of suction:

The pump's plunger is easily removed by sticking a small screwdriver into one of the prongs and pulling it out.
Smear some Vaseline or Infadolan onto the seal and put the parts back together in the reverse order.

Your pump still doesn't work?

Let us know and we'll send you a new one!
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