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Author Topic: Just confirmation about proper sterile techniques and procedures  (Read 7074 times)


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Hi Sarah.

Thank you so much for all of your help and for your great responses to posts. I actually posted a while ago, but I wanted to post again because I wanted to change the procedures I will be using to get rid of my stretch marks and facial chicken pox scars. They have changed because I will be taking a year off before going to medical school and now have more free time on my hands.

I first wanted to start with sterile techniques. Everytime I was going to either dermastamp or dermaroll, I was going to use a new one. I was also going to use chloramine-T to disinfect  the new stamps/rollers as a precaution. The same goes for single needles. I was also going to use alcohol to clean my skin right before and right after needling it. I was also going to cover it with clean clothing that has been dried on high in a drier. However, I am worried about several things. 1)The first is if bleach can replace chloramine-T for sterilization? 2) I will be volunteering in a doctor's office or hospital this year (where the presence of MRSA and other infectious bodies may be present). I was going to do this every other week and give myself three to four days before and after stamping/rolling/needling. Besides, this should I be concerned and how should I prevent infection and at the same continue my needling? 3) I have to dermaneedle a large portion of my body and want to do it all in a several hour session. How do I ensure the dermstamp/roller stays clean throughout this even when I need to place it aside while applying infadolan to my skin? Can I place my dermaneedle into a container containing alcohol? And do I need to change that every time I need to put my dermaroller aside for a few moments? 4) Also, how do I ensure that the cotton swabs I use to apply alcohol to my skin stays clean even when the bag in which they are contained is frequently opened and exposed to air? and that the bottle of infadolan stays clean too?

Furthermore, I wanted to ask you about the following routine:
Three consecutive days before dermaneedling/stamping, apply Vitamin C
After three days of the Vitamin C serum and every 5-6 weeks, dermastamp all of my stretch marks
Apply Infadolan for 7 days afterwards and Vitamin C for 3 days after.
For the next 3-4 weeks after stamping or rolling, single needle 5-8 stretch marks per day (for a total of 20-25 days per cycle) with a new needle every day
Apply infadolan to them for the next week
Give skin a 1-2 week break before dermatsamping again

As I have mentioned before, I have stretch marks everywhere: my shoulders, arms, armpits, breasts, stomach, thighs, hips, glutes, inner thighs, lower legs, and chicken pock scars on my face. I was going to single needle my shoulders, armpits, stomach, thighs, lower legs, and face (because they are my worst and most noticeable places) by doing 5-8 new marks per day for 3-4 weeks. However, I am afraid that puncturing my skin almost everyday like this for several months would be detrimental to my health and increase my chance of infection. What is your opinion? Also, how long should I wait to begin single needling after I have dermstamped? Can I begin right away to conserve infadolan?
Does this seem like a good schedule? I am sorry to ask you again, even after you have responded to a previous post by encouraging my use of the dermastamp and roller and not to be too worried about single needling. It's just that I have considerably more time on my hands this year and would like to be very efficient. I also would like to be wearing sleeveless shirts in less than a year if possible. I don't want my self-esteem to wait a full one to two years if I can help speed things up. Thank you so much for your help!


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Re: Just confirmation about proper sterile techniques and procedures
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2013, 01:50:07 PM »
Before I answer your questions, in your case, with so many stretch marks, you would really benefit from our new product, the electric DermaJet. It has an adjustable needle length from 0.2 mm to 2 mm and adjustable speed. Manual single needling or stamping will do the same job but for those having many stretch marks, the Dermajet will do it much quicker and easier. Replacement needle cartridges are $9,- and are re-usable after disinfection. 

Always start with 0.5 mm needle length and later, according to bleeding, healing time and pain, you can go for a longer length.

The inner arms and the armpits have relatively thin skin and a 0.5 mm needle length is probably the most appropriate with the Dermajet because it powerfully pushes the needles in so it goes deep.

No, you cannot replace Chloramine-T with bleach. 

Concerning disinfection, it is much more important to clean (remove skin debris) and disinfect the dermarolling instruments after the session than cleaning the skin before the session.

The only problem is in case of immune deficiency (AIDS, taking immune suppressants for cancer treatment, having a very serious illnesses, right after major surgery, being on one's deatbed etc.).

Infadolan is in a tube so nothing can get in.

The only think to perhaps care about is not to store cotton pads or dermarolling instruments next to a toilet bowl that also other people use. (microdroplet spray). For the rest, you do not have to worry. There is no need to soak your instruments in alcohol during the session, you should clean it and soak it when the session is finished. You can put it on a piece of clean paper for example. There is a huge difference between the necessity for sterility when operating on someone, vs. you rolling your skin. There are many crucial differences that I have already explained several times on this forum.

There are dermarolling users who do not even bother to disinfect the instruments (they just rinse it with water) and still there are no floods of infection reports on the Internet in spite of hundreds of thousands of dermarolling users (I am in no way or shape promoting to slack on disinfection!).

I will answer the rest of your questions when you reply because if you decide to buy the DermaJet, there is no need to use a dermastamp and the single needles any more.