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Author Topic: Best Skin Care Routine  (Read 133106 times)


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Re: Best Skin Care Routine
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Yes, it is OK.


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Re: Best Skin Care Routine
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Also, do you stamp again after three days even is you still have redness?? Cant find this question anywhere.  In my case its 0.5 dermastamp but the redness on my forehead takes at least 3 or 4 days before it disappears...
thank you!

from Sarah: you should wait until the redness is gone
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Re: Best Skin Care Routine
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Hi All,

First, I would like to thank Sarah and others for this incredible site. There is so much good information and advice it's been very helpful.

I have been suffering from acne scarring since my teens and I am close to 40 now. I have mild acne scarring and some acne cyst scarring (rubbery bumps) on both side of my cheeks. As all sufferers know they look worst in the wrong light. To stop acne in my teens I had to take Roaccutane. Ever since I don't get acne.

Only in the last 16 months I have been trying to get rid of my acne scarring. It has always bothered me and affected my self confidence. I have been to some private clinics and paid allot of money for dermaroller and derma stamp treatments. I then started doing lots of research and watched videos and decided to do it my self and I am glad I did. I believe I can derma-roll much better myself and after 16 months I have started seeing some improvements. I have a long way to go but it is encouraging to see some results and as other forum users say it takes time. 

I have been using 0.5mm dermaroller once a week and 1.5mm every 5 weeks

As facial creams goes I have been trying some natural oils. It is hard for me to tell whats working whats not working though. But I have done allot of research on oils and these are some of the best ones for regeneration and healing. I have oily skin but using these oils doesn't make my skin too oily or shiny, because I have been using them for a while now my skin produces less oils.

Every day (Also right after dermarolling) I apply (drop them in my palm mix and apply them on my face and neck)
5 drops of pai organic rosehip oil (vitamins, A, Carotenoids, Omegas 3, 6, 7, 9)
5 drops of bio oil
5 drops of antipodes organic avocado oil & rosehip (vitamins A, B, D, omega 3, 9)
1 drop of lavender oil (I don't use it after rolling)
1 drop of tea tree oil (I don't use it after rolling)
5 drops of Argan oil
3 drops of Jason vitamin E 45000 IU oil
+ wait for 20 mins and apply heliocare SPF 50 sun block during the day

After finding this site I immediately ordered 0.5, 1.5mm dermarollers 1.5mm derma stamp, vitamin C powder, Copper Peptide serum, Retin A, Infadolan.

I will carry on 0.5 rolling once a week and 1.5 every 5 weeks, since I roll aggressively and it bleeds allot and stays red for at least 3days even with 0.5mm
I will apply vit C and copper peptides and may be Retin A after rolling depending on my skin reaction.


Shall I apply my skin oils mentioned above after rolling with 0.5 or 1.5? So I would apply them after; applying Vit C waiting for 15 mins applying copper peptide serum waiting for 15 mins applying Retin A waiting for 15 mins applying the oils?

As my daily oils. Shall I carry on using the above oils on my face with sunblock and Infadolan around the eyes during the day and in the evening your vit C, copper peptide, Retin A by alternating them (so one night vit C one night copper peptide and Ret A) also Infadolan around the eyes every night.

For my cyst scarring what would you recommend? I was thinking of using 1.5mm dermastamp every 5 weeks. Should I use 2.0mm instead?

Also I was told you have stopped selling numbing cream, do you have plans of getting more?

Many thanks...
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Re: Best Skin Care Routine
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In our experience, a dermastamp or a combination of a dermastamp and dermaroller is more effective for acne scars than a dermaroller alone. You should definitely add the dermastamp and during the same session, first stamp the scars with a 1.5 mm dermastamp and then roll the entire area.

For your cyst scarring, use a 1.5 mm dermastamp every 3-4 weeks. What you can try is applying Tretinoin cream (A-Ret) on these scars right after stamping. It may help softening the scar tissue. I do not normally recommend applying Tretinoin right after microneeding but is some special cases (any scars or stretch marks with tough scar tissue) i do recommend it. 

Concerning your oils, keep the skin moisturized after microneedling until it heals. For the rest, if you feel your skin "likes" the oils, apply them as you suggested. Infadolan is very oily so I do not think it needs oils in addition to that.