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Author Topic: The same roller for collagen boosting on face neck, and for around eyes and lips?  (Read 11342 times)


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You should use a 1.5 mm dermaroller on your face. 1,5 mm long needles will reach the dermis - the deep skin layer where  new collagen production is triggered.


        The skin on the neck and under the eyes is quite thin. I recommend a shorter needle dermaroller of 0.5 or 1 mm. Alternatively, you can use 1.5 mm on your neck or under the eyes but do not push the needles in too much.


            Please be careful under your eyes. Do not roll directly under your eyes but a bit more down where there is bone underneath. When you feel your skin directly under your eyes, it is very soft and when you go a bit further you can feel the bone. You start rolling where the bone begins.


    Never roll your upper eyelids! That is the only area where a dermaroller can never be used.


          The skin around the lips is super-sensitive and rolling it may be too painful for you. You can either numb it with ice or you can buy a numbing cream such as EMLA.

                      Individual deep wrinkles such as frown lines between your eyebrows, on your forehead or around your lips can be treated with our special single needle.  Make a couple of pricks in the wrinkle every month.  It will take a long time to make the wrinkle shallower but the results are permanent. The skin will continue aging of course and new wrinkles will appear but pricking the skin with needles will trigger your own collagen production and that collagen stays. Contrary to fillers such as Restylane that people get injected by a doctor to fill their wrinkles. Those fillers have an immediate effect but our body slowly eliminates it. You have to have it re-injected regularly.

          If you trigger your own collagen, it will remain for a very long time. Nevertheless: You can't expect that a dermaroller is equivalent to a facelift. It is not. It can improve skin texture, improve wrinkles to a certain extent and can slightly improve skin laxity.  If there is a lot of excessive skin, it needs a facelift.


You may notice some "hollow" places on your face caused by receding fat- as we age we are loosing fat from our skin. A dermaroller cannot fix this. In that case you would really need some fillers to be injected  into those areas where the fat has gone missing - such as under the eyes etc.


  Have a look at our detailed dermarolling instructions:



  Do not expect results too soon. Collagen production is a very slow process that takes months.