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Author Topic: Rolling knees and elbows  (Read 8551 times)


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Rolling knees and elbows
« on: January 20, 2010, 04:40:10 PM »
> Just to say thank you for my products that arrived today. Also to ask how

  > much benefit would I get on my knees and elbows and which derma roller

  > would you suggest, if affective on theses areas? I'm 54 years old.


            If the skin on your knees and elbows is mildly lax or has a wrinkly texture, then you could derive some benefit from rolling it. Nevertheless - do not expect miraculous or quick results. You should dry brush those areas regularly. Brush until the skin turns red. Before dermarolling these areas you should do several mechanical peelings because the skin on those areas is usually tough. Just take some salt or sugar, mix it with olive oil and massage/scrub the skin of your elbows and knees with it.  Do it several times a week and apply your homemade vit. C serum.

      Have a hot bath before rolling to make the skin softer and don't forget to stretch your skin with the other hand when rolling because it makes needle penetration easier.


  If you have energy for some exercises to tone the muscles on your upper arms

  and legs, that will  help too.


    If your skin is sagging due to excessive skin - a dermaroller cannot fix that.


    Skin laxity always needs longer needles: 1.5 mm because you must reach the lower skin layer, the dermis.


  If rolling is too painful for you, use an ice pack or buy a numbing cream such as EMLA and use it according to the instructions.