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Author Topic: Using dermaroller and single needle on the same scars  (Read 5902 times)


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Using dermaroller and single needle on the same scars
« on: January 21, 2010, 05:44:54 PM »
> You mentioned in your reading material-not to use a dermaroller on the scars

  > that your recently pricked with a single needle- but you also encourage

  > the usage of both.  What would be a good schedule for me- how long should I

  > wait before using the single needle?  Or since the area of concern is so

  > small-should I avoid the dermaroller on that area completely and just

  > stick to using the single needle monthly?


        If you are using a 0.5 mm roller you can roll twice a week, even the scars that were recently single-needled. Do not use a dermaroller if you still have scabs from needling. Do not pick on the scabs - it could cause scarring. Let them fall off naturally.

     It is not necessary to roll on a scar that was recently needled with a single needle. Unless you want to use it for product-penetration into the scar.


    It is different if you have a large area covered with stretchmarks, for example. There you should regularly roll the entire area with a dermaroller, but use a single needle only on the stretchmarks.