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Author Topic: Dermarolling bodybuilding stretchmarks and EMLA considerations  (Read 5045 times)


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Dermarolling bodybuilding stretchmarks and EMLA considerations
« on: October 27, 2010, 03:51:01 PM »
I suffered from Acne many years. Now the ISO-Therapie (Ciscutan) is over. (Since 6 Months)

   But I still have a lot of big-sized pores (like tiny holes) and scars (some are red) in my face.

     But that´s not enough: I´ve also a big number of stretchmarks around the hips, bottom and some on the back. That´s becaue of lifting weights. (My skin wasn´t flexible enough for the pressure)

     So I decided to give the microneedling a chance for both of my problems. I have read your articles and now I have a few questions:

     - I think the 1,5 mm roller would be the best option. I want to use the Emla Cream to numb the skin. You said it´s not good for large areas.. what is large? Can I numb my whole face in one go or should I do this in several parts?

   I thought I would numb and roll the face in one go and the stretchmarks one week later.... so my skin must nor absorb to much emla-cream in to short time. Is that a good idea or are the skin-areas still to big?

     -I still have 2-3 "spots" in my face. But no inflammations. The spots are more like little warts? Is that a problem for microneedling?  

     - How long does it take to have normal-looking skin after rolling. I can only do this on friday evening. So It kan take 2 days to heal because of my job.

     -What preperates do I really need - before and after? (vit A,B,C,D...) Is the "Copper peptide facial mask" essential? I think the other preperates are "must-haves". Is that right?

     -How many preperates do I need for approximately 1 to 1.5 years?

     -Please send me a list of what I really need and how to use it. Then I´m going to buy the whole stuff in your shop.


    Acne scars usually respond well to rolling/needling but unfortunately almost nothing fixes enlarged pores and if yes, the result is only temporary. Pores are ducts in the skin with sebaceous glands and there are basically no methods to make pores smaller. You can only improve scars.


Indeed, 1.5 mm is a good option. The skin on the back and buttocks is one of the thickest on the body.  


You can numb your face in one go – no problem.  You do not have to wait one week with numbing your stretch marks area. There will be no EMLA present in your body the next day.


  “Elimination:- The half-life of lidocaine elimination from the plasma following IV administration is approximately 65 to 150 minutes (mean 110, ±24 SD, n=13). More than 98% of an absorbed dose of lidocaine can be recovered in the urine as metabolites or parent drug. The systemic clearance is 10 to 20 mL/min/kg (mean 13, ±3 SD, n=13). The elimination half-life of prilocaine is approximately 10 to 150 minutes (mean 70,

  ±48 SD, n=13). The systemic clearance is 18 to 64 mL/min/kg (mean 38, ±15 SD, n=13)."


  The stated half-life means that if some of EMLA gets absorbed into the blood, the amount of EMLA in the blood will halve every 65 to 150 minutes until there is nothing left.


The spots on your face (the little warts you speak of) present no problem for dermarolling.

About how long it will take to have normal-looking skin after dermarolling:    

  If you roll with 1.5 mm the skin will look like you have got mild sunburn. This usually lasts only for a few hours. The skin will be vulnerable and drier for couple of days and you should keep it moisturized and protected from UV by sunscreen lotion.  

 If you do single needling (which is the most targeted and intensive method for scars) the redness may last several days. You can single-needle every couple of days one or two scars so that you do not have many red spots on your face in one go.

  Just do a test patch on one scar and you will see how long the redness will last. It also depends how deeply and densely you needle.


About what vitamins etc. you need:  


Copper peptides are not essential. Vit. C is because it is necessary for collagen synthesis.

For a treatment duration of one to one and a half years, you will need:

  -two 1.5 mm dermarollers (you can also try with one, and switch to 2 mm later)

  -one pack of single needles (one pack contains 5 needles. If you intend to use them regularly, you'll need more)


-four 20-gram bags of vit. C powder


-one Infadolan – use it especially on your stretch marks after rolling / needling


-one tube of EMLA – you will probably be able to roll without EMLA. The face is quite painful to roll but it is bearable, the hips and around the hip area can be rolled without EMLA.


This will last you a long time. If you get no occasional pinpoint bleeding with 1.5 mm on your back/hips/buttocks you can even opt for a 2 mm roller with your next purchase. Our postage fees are very low so you can always order things separately.

Then read our detailed microneedling instructions:

Some more about EMLA:

   The tube we sell contains 30 g EMLA. The studies using 60 g EMLA applied to 400 cm2 of intact skin and left occluded for 3 and 24 hours did not end up in toxic blood levels.  But you must remove EMLA before you roll because rolling highly enhances the absorption of anything applied.


  “Absorption: The amount of lidocaine and prilocaine systemically absorbed from EMLA Cream is directly related to both the duration of application and to the area over which it is applied. In two pharmacokinetic studies, 60 g of EMLA Cream (1.5 g lidocaine and 1.5 g prilocaine) was applied to 400 cm2 of intact skin on the lateral thigh and then covered by an occlusive dressing. The subjects were then randomized such that one-half of the subjects had the occlusive dressing and residual cream removed after 3 hours, while the remainder left the dressing in place for 24 hours. The results from these studies are summarized below.


  When 60 g of EMLA Cream was applied over 400 cm2 for 24  hours, peak blood levels of lidocaine are approximately 1/20 the systemic toxic level. Likewise, the maximum prilocaine level is about 1/36 the toxic level.


  The application of EMLA Cream to broken or inflamed skin, or to 2,000 cm2 or more of skin where more of both anesthetics are absorbed, could result in higher plasma levels that could, in susceptible individuals, produce a systemic pharmacologic response.”

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