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Author Topic: Dermarolling for acne scars  (Read 10189 times)


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Dermarolling for acne scars
« on: November 25, 2010, 09:55:58 AM »
>I have some rolling scars on my cheeks from acne, and I read about your

  >dermaroller but im not sure if it will work or if it only works on ice  pick

  >scars, etc. and im not sure which to buy.  I attached a picture, I have them

  >on both cheeks and some along the sides of my chin.  Does this product

  >really work?


     You are lucky because your scars are quite minor.


  Dermarolling works for all types of acne scars however you should not expect complete disappearance of the scars. Just improvement. In successful dermarolling cases, acne scars soften, they fill in and thus become less indented - if they are darker their color improves and the overall texture evens.


  The skin consists of three main layers. The epidermis, dermis and subdermis.

  Acne scars are in the dermis and you need a needle length to thoroughly reach the dermis.


  You have three options:


  Use a 1.5 mm normal-width roller.

  Use a 1.5 mm dermastamp.  

  Use a 2 mm single needle.


  Rolling with 1.5 mm can be quite painful, especially before you get used to it. Lots of people roll without a numbing cream and they claim it is bearable. Other use an ice pack or a numbing cream (we sell EMLA). I personally can roll my entire face without EMLA, with the exception of area above the lip.  


  In your case, I would recommend a 1.5 mm dermaroller. Roll quite densely over your cheeks every 3-4 weeks. If you get no improvement after 4 rolls, start to needle the individual scars with our custom-made single needles. Single needling is the most intensive and targeted treatment for scars.


  In case of more serious acne scars than yours, I recommend a derma stamp, which you can combine with single-needling, especially if the results are not as hoped for.


  Unfortunately, just like with any other method, including an expensive dermabrasion or laser resurfacing - not everybody achieves results but if you are patient and do not give up too early, you should achieve noticeable to strong improvement.


  Your post-acne spots and moderate redness (or is makeup/a photographic artefact?) may be improved by Tretinoin gel (also available from us).


  Tretinoin's primary indication in dermatology is acne.  Tretinoin speeds up the skin's turnover and it thus keeps acne under control, unclogs pores, and speeds up the diminishing of pigmentation, etc.


  The only problem with Tretinoin is that if you use too much or use it too frequently, it can dry out and irritate the skin. Start very slowly. A pea-sized bead of gel is enough for the entire face. Saves money as well :-)


  Both dermarolling and Tretinoin speed up the skin's turnover (renewal), which helps with many skin conditions, but it requires extra moisturizing and remember that the more is not always the better..


  If you can spare 2 more dollars, also buy our vit. C powder for a homemade vit. C serum, since vit. C is needed for collagen synthesis. There are reasons why you should really make such a serum yourself, having to do with stability and purity.


  Some people achieved amazing results with dermarolling such as the lady on this photo. She is not our customer, neither do I know the doctor who performed her procedure.


  I just wanted to show that such results are possible. Even though your scars are incomparably less severe than hers.


  Acne scars before and after roll CIT:



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Dermarolling for acne scars
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2010, 06:43:50 PM »
I have the rolling scars along my jawline too and a few pitted ones and I bought the 1.5 roller with the ointment I can't wait till it gets here to try it! I just wish I had found out about this sooner :/