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Author Topic: Why are we cheaper than Dr. Roller?  (Read 10830 times)


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Why are we cheaper than Dr. Roller?
« on: January 25, 2010, 08:41:19 AM »
> One last (obvious) question, why are your rollers so much cheaper than dr roller? Are they

> sterilized? Comparable to Dr Roller?

Certainly our rollers are sterilized (Gamma sterilization) and they come in hermetically sealed plastic bags. The roller head is covered with foam to protect the needles, and the roller itself comes in a very sturdy case, so strong that you can actually stand on it without damaging the roller.

After production, the rollers are subjected to quality control. We know for a fact that this quality control is real and not an empty promise and we depend on it, because the last thing we want is to get sued by people that receive a roller with bent needles that tear up their skin!

I can tell you how and why we decided to sell the roller we currently sell. We decided to start selling rollers because it is an exciting, scientifically proven-to-work method of greatly improving all kinds of skin problems. The only problem was, there are so many rollers out there, which one to choose? Our goal was to find the cheapest roller that was 100% good in every possible way. So we purchased quite a few rollers to test, including Dr. Roller's dermaroller, and you can read what we found here:


Basically, there are four kinds of business philosophies in the "roller world":

  • Sell the absolute worst rollers for the absolute lowest price and try to get rich shifting a large volume. Some online offers that seem "too good to be true" are in that category.

  • Sell mediocre rollers at a very large premium, using heavily search-optimized and forum-spammed sites with lots of fake testimonials and other dodgy tricks. are in that category.

  • Sell good rollers for a ridiculously high price, by claiming that your roller is "The only genuine original and others are dangerous". That way, you can afford expensive advertizing campaigns and a Mercedes for the CEO. Dr. Roller is in that category. Dr. Roller's dermaroller is a SE Asian "copy" of the Original Dermaroller™, patented by the Swiss Dermaroller S.a.r.l.

  • Sell good rollers for a normal markup, and provide well-researched user instructions and solid after-care by email and forums. We are in that category. Our roller also is a similar copy of the Original Dermaroller™, patented by the Swiss Dermaroller S.a.r.l.

The Original Dermaroller™ however is not sold to private individuals, as there exist a fifth business model:

  • Patent the Dermaroller™ and only sell to Western clinics that you personally visit to sell the idea to them and intimidate them a little, so that you can charge a very high price, and when they refuse and use a SE Asian copy, you can easily sue them and win, and they know that, so they'll use yours. Dermaroller™ S.a.r.l. is in that category.

"Our" dermaroller (a Dr. Roller clone) has been tested on my own skin, the needles are made of surgical steel, the handle doesn't bend and is ergonomical, and the roller stands up to being cleaned in hot water and alcohol. If we ever find a better roller for a similarly honest price, we'll switch to that one, so let us know when you found something better :).