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Author Topic: Weightloss stretchmarks and the 0.2 mm roller  (Read 5418 times)


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Weightloss stretchmarks and the 0.2 mm roller
« on: January 30, 2010, 02:24:20 PM »
>I have been reading about dermarolling lately and I am very interested in your

>products.You have great info and you seem very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

>I am about 14 kilos overweight and i have cellulite and loads of stretch

>marks-first ones during puberty and recent ones(2 years ago)from pregnancy.My

>deepest and widest are on my abdomen and inner thighs,some of which are still

>red and the rest are white but look quite indented.

  >I am planning to start using the 0.2 with your A+D ointment


  You can use Infadolan with 0.2 but Infadolan is not a cream, it is an ointment so it might be bit oily for everyday use (unless you use just a little) Both vit. A and D are fat-soluble and that's why Infadolan is an excellent carrier for those vitamins.


  Infadolan is a medical-grade regenerative ointment that is indicated to regenerate mild skin trauma - such as first degree burns etc. It is excellent to use after needling with long needles (1.0 mm or 1.5 mm) because such needling causes mild skin inflammation (triggering new collagen production) but the skin is slightly "traumatized" and needs to regenerate.


  You should certainly make the homemade vit. C serum as described in our instructions:




  ..and put it on your skin every second or third day. That is very important.

  You can put it on your skin after 0.2 mm needling provided it doesn't burn your skin (depends on how concentrated you made it). It will tingle though.


  >can I roll every day with the 0.2?do I have to sterilize it each time?


  You can roll every day but it is not necessary. The only purpose of the 0.2 mm roller is to enhance the penetration of your skin care products.  You don't have to do it every day.


  I recommend rolling about 3 times a week with 0.2. And your roller will last longer if you do not roll every day.


    You do not have to sterilize the 0.2 every time but you have to wash it in dishwashing liquid and water. Once in a while you can submerge it in alcohol for 20 min.


  >i plan to lose weight.will the 0.2 help in preventing new stretch marks?


  Nobody can answer this question.  Nobody knows how to reliably prevent the formation of stretchmarks.


  But we know that quick up or down changes in weight often trigger stretchmarks and that's why you should try to lose weight slowly and take great care to stabilize your weight. Concerning the stretchmarks - it is safer to be slightly overweight and stable than have large weight fluctuations - the well-known jojo effect.


  >my skin looks so thin and transparent(my veins are so visible)will the

  >1.00 be OK to use?I don't intend to use numbing creams,I  am afraid of them


  You can numb with an (improvised) ice pack.

  You will see how it goes with the 1.0 mm.  You will get some occasional pinpoint bleeding.


  If you do not see any pinpoint bleeding, not even occasionally, you should opt for the 1.5 mm. The skin on the abdomen and thigh is quite thick and the stretchmarks are deep cracks in the skin. Don't roll over varicose veins.


  >does infadolan contain parabens or other dangerous preservatives?


  The active ingredients in Infadolan are:


  Retinol acetate: 48 000 IU in 30 g


  Vit. D2: 9 000 IU in 30 g


  The ointment base is White wax, natural lanoline, white vaseline.


  >I live in ship here,right?


  Yes we do :)