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Author Topic: dermarolling on my face- it is seriously a dramatic improvement  (Read 10221 times)


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I initially purchased the 1.5 mm dermaroller for my hypopigmentation from laser tattoo removal but am also using it on my face. I think the single needles may be better for addressing the hypopigmented areas. The roller has shown some slight improvement for those areas, but its rolling over a larger area rather than the spots. I recently ordered the single needles and am waiting for them to arrive so I can start the process.

However, the biggest improvement worth writing about is the improvement on my face. The pain is unbearable for me, but after 1 week I noticed my skin was smoother and tighter.

I have only rolled twice in 2 months- the cheek area to the right and left of my nose.  I cannot do my entire face at once b/c of the pain. I was seriously considering laser resurfacing, but not willing to drop the money and risk another bad experience. There are too many bad experiences.

I believe  microneedling is  one of the best things to recommend for those who have acne scarring and large pores. Especially if you have thick skin that looks like an orange peel. I dont have pictures to post, but I think it is worth trying if you want a safer alternative to laser treatment. Once I get the single needles and dermastamp in the mail I will post more about the hypopigmentation.

I have hope b/c I noticed that when I get a cut or something to cause inflammation in the hypopigmented areas, the pigment returns permanently. It seems to trigger the melanin back to the area. I was also bit by a spider in one of the areas and once it healed it healed with pigment. Pretty amazing!


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dermarolling on my face- it is seriously a dramatic improvement
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Thank you for your feedback!


  There is no need to roll the entire face in one go - it is better to roll smaller areas but properly. It is also easier to handle the pain if you roll only a part of your face in one go.


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dermarolling on my face- it is seriously a dramatic improvement
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I recommend playing music while derma rolling- any type of music will do, whatever type will distract you, and help you relax.  Music is magic, and singing along is not contraindicated while rolling :)!