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Newbie questions
« on: February 13, 2012, 05:24:59 AM »

I am 43 years old, and would like to start dermaneedling soon. My 2 main aims are to reduce hyperpigmentation and increase collagen production to reduce wrinkles. I have already gotten some infos from Sarah (thanks Sarah), but don't want to keep stealing her precious time, and was hoping that the other members can maybe also help out. And who knows, maybe some new info, helpful to others, will come to light.

I am more or less set on the size of 1mm. I'm a bit of a wussy, so will not venture down the 1.5 mm road just yet, but want more benefits than the 0.5 mm needles are going to give me. So far so good. My main question is what actives to use directly after and the following few days after needling. I have quite difficult skin, so I'm trying to avoid using the Infadolan. I make my own creams and serums which contain both vitamin A acetate and vitamin C (separate products though), which seem to be very important. I also want to start using peptides. In a study on needling, I read that ascorbic acid was a no-no, yet here it gets mentioned time and again, at least to be used after 0.5 and/or 1mm treatment. Elsewhere I read, that one should allow for the irritation and not use anti-inflammtory actives = anti-oxidants  yes or no?

Should actives be used immediately after needling for better penetration? As I make my own creams, I can try and get a recipe together using more oil, as I read in one of Sarah's posts, how important it is to moisturize after the treatment and using oils is a good way of doing that.

How long should one do the treatment? Do you get to a point, where achieving better effects is no longer possible, or is it an ongoing process?

Thanks everyone!


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Newbie questions
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2012, 09:58:21 AM »
Hi Duck,

I am 40 years old this month and I have been dermarolling for over 8 weeks now.  There are schedules posted in this forum that you can do a search on that shows you 2 or 3 regimens for a weekly schedule rotating all the products each day.  I found the schedules and printed them out and put them in a drawer where I store all of my dermarolling stuff.  This way I could reference the information for a couple of weeks till I got the hang of the routine. Do not apply vit c after you dermaroll it will burn, but apply it the next day after dermarolling.  The inflammation stage after dermarolling is very important, but(I believe) ends in a matter of hours after you roll.  So  you can apply the vit c 24 hours later.  

Immediately after rolling you shower your skin, let it dry, and apply your infadolan(or your equivalent).  The infadolan serves 2 purposes-1. To keep skin moist. 2. To apply A&D healing/antiaging proerties to the skin.  It is very important to keep the skin moist ofter you roll and for a few days after.  If the vit c stings just dilute it, but do not stop using it in your schedule.

I began to notice some suttle changes in my skin about week 7 and so did my husband, but it will take much more time to see the results.  I am a nurse and massage therapist(medically lisc. in state of Ohio) by training, and medically everything that Sarah researches and experiments with is SOLID.   My skin is very sensative to harsh treatments like chemical peels and new products.  I often break out with many new products or certain brands of chemical peels.  I have not had a problem with any of these products or with rolling itself or with all of the products that Vaughter Wellness has to offer.  There was a time when my acne was so bad that I was treated with Accutane Rx and that is the reason why I have so many acne scars to deal with now.  These are only my opinions and experiences personally considering my skin type and conditions.

Lastly(this info is for everyone), I started rolling with inexpensive rollers from ebay and soon bought a .5mm & 1.5mm from Sarah's store after the ebay .5mm dulled instantly.  What a differance in quality and performance!!!! All of the Vaughter Wellness products are truely top quality at an amazing price!!!   I forgot to mention also that I have used top grade perscription formula Retin-A(extremely expensive) and many retinol products and nothing has served my skin better than the well priced products A-Ret products Sarah sells.  

These are my experiences,



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Newbie questions
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2012, 10:52:48 AM »
Hi Lisa,

thanks for all the info! I will definitely order my roller through owndoc. I've read several negative reviews about ebay rollers. No, not making that mistake.

What's really important to me is to know what actives are good to use after rolling. That regimen you mentioned (found it, yeah) says to add copper peptides after rolling - does this mean immediately afterwards (enhancement of skin product absoprtion), or after the skin has settled down? I was thinking of using Pal-KTTKS peptides (PAL-Lys-Thr-Thr-Lys-Ser).

Those are my main 2 concerns, as I don't want to put myself through the rolling process :scared: only to then find out I've been doing it all wrong, and it's not as effective.


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Newbie questions
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2012, 11:03:41 AM »
Your questions are more or less answered here:


      Anti-oxidants are not necessarily strong anti-inflammatories.


  Do not worry too much about it because it only applies to strong anti-inflammatories.


  Almost all vitamins have anti-inflammatory effects but they are not so strong to completely inhibit the inflammation.


  The reason ascorbic acid or retinoic acid or other acids are not  recommended to apply right after dermarolling with long needles is  because they are acidic and it can irritate and even burn the skin in  sensitive individuals.

  If your skin can handle your preparations with acidic forms, no problem applying them.


  I once applied 0.025% Retinoic acid (Tretinoin) right after  dermarolling with a 0.2 mm dermaroller and I was suffering for hours  with burning skin. I do not have sensitive skin at all. Yet, some of our  customers said that their skin has no problem handling immediate  application, so it is individual.

   If you have a problem with hyperpigmentation, both retinoic acid and  ascorbic acid can help diminishing it however try to avoid irritating  your skin with too high percentages, especially if you apply it right  after dermarolling.

  The skin in some prone individuals can actually react with pigment  production to strong or repeated irritation. The more is not always the  better.

Thank you Lisa for your help and kind words on our products!