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Author Topic: Hypopigmentation picture posted on RealSelf  (Read 7478 times)


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Hypopigmentation picture posted on RealSelf
« on: February 15, 2012, 06:21:20 AM »
The picture of the woman with the hypopigmentation after laser (posted on your website) is also posted on RealSelf with the same picture, and has message threads that the hypopigmentation still exists.  If you go to the lasers or hypopigmentation section on RealSelf you can see the needling did not work for her.


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Hypopigmentation picture posted on RealSelf
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2012, 06:47:33 AM »
Thank you for letting us know. I found the link:

But she posted her picture there before needling.

After that, she posted a thread here with the after needling picture, where she was extremely happy, she said that needling made a huge difference and she provided the evidence in the form of the picture we posted.


I quote:

"I had so much success with needling for hypopigmentation scars on my  chest from an IPL laser burn. I was burned in Sept. 2009 and suffered  with the scars for almost 2 years before I discovered this  website/article on needling. I will try to attach before and after pics.  Believe me, it WORKS!! I can have my life back now and wear V necks  again. These scars literally made me so ashamed and I would only wear  turtlenecks. If you have hypopigmented scars, please at least try  needling. I followed Sarah's instructions and I had success!! Thanks  Sarah!!"

And on RealSelf she does not provide a picture of how she looks now. We are the only site with her most recent picture.

And in that same thread she actually says dermarolling improved her condition (her currently last forum posting).

Worst case, she could simply roll regularly and her decollete will look as on the after-photo she sent us.

She never later informed us that the improvement was only temporary. The after-picture she let us use has no visible inflammation and looks spectacularly better.

We would like her to contact us and send us pictures of her current situation, so that we can verify that she indeed did not improve, as you claim.

In the latest update on RealSelf (December 1, 2011) she says she's making good progress with dermarolling and  single needle:

"Hey there Sarah!! Good to hear from you! I'm so glad that you've had  success with dermarolling!! I've been rolling my entire chest and I have  gotten it back to somewhat an even skin-tone, except for 1 small spot  where the nurse must have burned it worse than anywhere else because it  is about the size of a dime and it feels hard when I rub my finger  across it... I have been using just a plain single needle to try and  break down the scar tissue... I needle it every morning and put copper  peptide serum on it. If I can get the texture back to the way it should  be, then I can work on the pigment more. Yes, trusting ourselves sounds  much better than trusting the "over qualified idiots"!!! That is too  funny and quite true!! Please do keep me posted on your continued  progress and if you discover any new methods/treatments/products for  hypopigmentation.      "

She left a comment on our website:

"Hello, I am csd and my picture is the first one above with the white bar marks on my chest. As for your question about the length used, I think I started with 1.0 and used it all over my chest about 2 to 3 times per week intitially. If your scars are less "deep" you could use the .5 length, but at least 2 of my scars were so severe that I could literally feel that they were harder than the rest of my skin, if that makes sense... the white scars felt really dense, so I was aggressive in trying to break up that scar tissue. This site has a very good section on what length roller to use for different areas of the body. Each area and scar are different, but the administrator of this site tries to answer as many questions as possible, either in a response directly or by putting the information to answer your question on this site. Good luck and I hope you have great success!!"
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