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Author Topic: Questions about microneedling, scars and tattoos :)  (Read 6516 times)


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Questions about microneedling, scars and tattoos :)
« on: March 05, 2012, 10:17:21 AM »
Hello Sarah, it's really awesome you take the time to help your customers like this, I will definitely order from your page because of the great customer service.

So I would need advice on wich products to order. My case is quite difficult. When I was eleven I got depression and anxiety disorder and really didn't know how to handle it since I did not understand what I was going through. I turned it inwards and started selfharming. I cut myself to the age of 16 and with the help of therapy I was well again by 19. The years had still left it's mark on me, with the inside of my left arm completely covered with scartissue and parts of my thighs and calfs aswell. When I was 21 after six years of thinking I decided to get a tattoo to cover up the scars on my arm. This was a mistake. I did for all the wrong reasons, for other people and not myself and chose the design only on basis on how good it would cover the scarring. At the moment I am going through laser treatment to remove the tattoo, wich will be ready probably during this year. It's done with the best device out there and the laser itself will not contribute to more scarring or pigmentation issues.

I am very aware the scars will never go away. My goal is to improve the appearance of the scars, to blend them in a bit better. The scars are white( i'm really fair so the difference is quite little ) and all of them are atleast seven years old. I'm not overweight but on the plumper side of normal. And most of the scars are on fleshy parts of the body if it makes a difference. I'm planning on seeing a plastic surgeon when I'm about 30-35 to deal with the scars. The technology will probably be better then, and I wont be able to afford it in atleast 10 years.

1. The inside of my arm is probably about 80% covered with scars, most of them superficial but some are raised. Can I start dermarolling my arm now or should I wait until the tattoo removal is finished? Since the removal is so expensive I only go once every two or three months. Will it mess with the tattoo? My goal for the arm is to smoothe the raised scars and maybe improve the colouring if it is possible. Which tools do you recommend for this?

2. On my thighs and calf there are alot less scarring but the scars are deeper. None of them are raised. The deepest scars on my calf are aprox. 1 cm wide and 5cm long. They are just 3 though. The rest are maybe 2-3cm long and 2mm wide. What can I do with the deepest of the scars? Maybe dermastamp them with The 2.0 dermastamp and individual needle? What about therest of the scars? My goal for the legs are to blend the scars in a bit better and to improve the colouring aswell.

3. In my case is this all in vain? Will I get any improvement? I would do anything it takes. Even a small improvement would make me so happy i dont have the words to describe it. I'm so sick of constantly beeing ashamed of my body. It's not that easy to wear your past and darkest moments on your skin for everyone to see.

If you take the time to read and answere this, I would be beyond greatful :). And sorry if my english is bad, as I'm from Scandinavia it's not my mothertongue.

Have a great day!


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Questions about microneedling, scars and tattoos :)
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2012, 05:16:52 PM »
Depression is a very serious illness and inflicting physical pain to oneself sometimes helps relieving the unbearable mental pain.

   The skin on the inside of the arm is relatively thin and sensitive. I think a regular 1 mm roller is suitable. Roll densely every 10 days. After rolling, perform pressure massage on your raised scars. The massage is described here:


    There is no problem combining it with tattoo removal, just stop rolling about five days prior to the tattoo removal.


  Concerning the scars on your thigh and calves, I recommend a 1.5 mm dermastamp. You can use the dermastamp on your arms as well but do not insert the needles fully.


  You are right, there is currently no method that can completely remove a deep scar but it is possible to improve their appearance and the type of your scars usually responds well to long-term dermarolling.


  BTW, dermarolling may diminish your tattoo a little: