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Author Topic: At some point..just maintenance?  (Read 7458 times)


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At some point..just maintenance?
« on: March 30, 2012, 02:59:24 AM »
Hi Sarah,

 I have never tried derma rolling but I am going to purchase a 'starting kit' from you very soon because I am most impressed with your transparency and helpfulness.


 I am thinking of purchasing the 0.5 roller and the 1.5 dermastamp, Vit C, copper mask,  A ret ream etc and want to start with the regime of using the 0.5 2-3x a week and using the dermastamp once a month as my skin is not too bad, just some slightly bumpy texture on the forehead, some old acne scars on both cheeks and pigmentation around chin.

 Now I know the results would be worth the time and effort but I was wondering if at some point, after 10 months to 1 year after the collagen process has kicked in, can I stop doing the 0.5 roller so often and can I go to a maintenance session of just once a month perhaps?

 Essentially, I'm kinda lazy and not sure I can keep up with the Infadolan/Vit C/A ret cream regime for the rest of my life so frequently, but it if works, then I guess I can live with it!


 Also, what happens if I'm traveling and can't do the derma rolling sessions, will my skin revert back?

 Thank you for your time.  




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At some point..just maintenance?
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 03:52:30 PM »
Your choice of dermarolling tools is very good for your skin condition.

  Yes, you can definitely go to the maintenance frequency after you have achieved improvement.


  If you are traveling, just skip your sessions, no problem.


  Improved acne scars will not revert any time soon. What can revert quickly is the pigmentation - especially if you expose unprotected skin to the sun or you stay in the sun too much.  A bumpy skin texture may or may not slowly reappear.


  The results from dermarolling will not last forever. The skin will continue to age and some maintenance is necessary.


  Dermarolling is a relatively new method and we do not know yet whether improved acne scars will be improved forever. As far as we know, the results will last for years.