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Author Topic: Like Soon, I started single needling my 11's. I started yesterday and will keep you posted over time...  (Read 3729 times)


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Soon mentioned that she had success with her 11's(between the eye brows) after 6 months or more of single needling them.  I started yesterday with:

   -somewhat agressive single needling.

   -.05% a-ret/

   -followed all protocal for after care as directed by Vaughter Wellness.

   -added tape suctioning at night to experiment.

I also did a regular full face needling with a 1.5mm.  I just wanted to document the time I started here on the forum and see how it goes.  I am not sure when I will update again, but I will keep you posted.



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Hi Lisa,

Take photos if you can, for your comparison.

I've been taking photos of a burn scar from a car accident and wish I'd done the same with my facial rolling.

I only started tape recently. I will prob go back to my suction cup hose and cover bruises with mineral makeup (I pull tape off in my sleep) :duh:

Besides owndoc products I also use (homemade from powder) 2% beta hydroxy acid (salicylic) daily & good ol Cetaphil to cleanse.

My 11's have improved the most.

Thanks for keeping record because Sarah deserves our honest reports here for others to learn from.

There are so many shisters jumping on the dermaroller bandwagon. I'm so glad I found an informed, fair & honest supplier.

I truly hope your results are as good as mine Lisa :)

All the best,

Cheers soon