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Author Topic: New here and wish to move on from Home Derma Roller - ADVICE appreciated.  (Read 4421 times)


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Hello!  I am Lesley, I am 50 and am from the UK.  

I have been using a Home Genuine Derma Roller for almost six months now on my face, and although the needles are too short to stimulate collagen, I have noticed that with twice weekly use I do have slightly fresher looking skin and it seems to help the appearance of my large pores.   However,  I feel it is now time to move on to the 'big guns' roller, ;)   and I have one or two questions.  (I have searched the forums and cannot find a definitive answer to my questions on disinfectant - so apologies if I am asking for help that has already been given.  I would also like to say to Sarah -  thank you for this website which is  a wonderful resource for those of us who wish to do derma rollering safely and healthily.)

I could go to my GP, who does private aesthetic treatment, but she charges £300 per session of Genuine Derma Roller CIT, and advises up to three treatments and as I am on a tight budget, I cannot afford this.  

I would like to ask about disinfection.  At the moment I just clean the short needled home roller with the cleaner that came with it - it is NOT a disinfectant.  

I have seen the section in the Instructions on disinfectants.   In the UK it is almost impossible to buy disinfecting alcohol.  I did see the link that Sarah gave for the ethyl alcohol 'Microzone' - but when I went to order it, I found the price for the item and the post and packaging was almost fifty british pounds.  Although I want to disinfect properly,  I was hoping to spend less than that for the disinfectant! .  

I understand that Chloramine-T is the next best thing, although I wonder if the powder I found is correct as it is sold for cleaning fish ponds!!  Should I use that, or are either of the following acceptable for use  (if rinsed correctly after soaking)

1.  Savlon  (Cetrimide 3.0% w/v, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.3 w/v)   and can you advise on the ratio of  solution to water

2. Sterilising fluid (sodium hypochlorite <5%)   like Milton Baby fluid, and can you again advise on the ratio of  solution to water

Also, can anyone confirm that for optimum health and safety - after rollering, the correct procedure would be to wash off the debris under running water, wash the roller with dishwashing liquid and then use just  ONE method of disinfectant (ie Chloramine-T) to soak the roller - is this all that is is needed, or can I use a combination of disinfectants to be on the safe side if I cannot get isopryl alcohol?

I have a small supply of Betadine which is not available in the UK either, I bought it in Spain. I  probably do not have enough of it to to soak the roller,  as it it is a small bottle I intend to use to cleanse the skin.   I understand disinfection of the roller is more important than skin disinfection.

Thank you in advance for any help



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I have now found answers to all of my questions from searching the site.