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Author Topic: Dark patches caused by spots  (Read 2981 times)

Michelle m

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Dark patches caused by spots
« on: June 12, 2012, 06:19:10 AM »

My skin has been damaged by constant (mostly appearing monthly) spots at the sides of my chin.  There is a discolouration which appears dirty/darker.  On closer inspection it would seem to be a red colour skin under (maybe what is left of) some dots/pores of my usual white skin.

I don't know if this is common or what the name is for these scars.  

I have a single needle however I would like to check in case there is anything I should know (in addition to basic treatment regime described). Also perhaps length of needle.  

Thank you very much : )

Michelle m

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Dark patches caused by spots
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2012, 06:56:13 AM »
I mean i'm just checking mostly that it would not make it worse - apart from in the case described here on the site of the unlikely case of people that have skin that reacts with a scar to the needle.  I know i must test for that first.  Has anyone had the type of discolouration I have and seen improvement.  What might I expect?  It seems almost to me that the upper layer of my skin there is missing.


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Dark patches caused by spots
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2012, 09:35:37 AM »
I think in your case the single needle is not suitable. I recommend a 0.5 mm regular dermaroller. Roll about three times a week.

If the spots are acne-related, buy our 0.025% Tretinoin cream. It should keep it under control but Tretinoin initially dries out the skin and can be irritating so do not apply it every day and use just a little.