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Author Topic: Should I use A-ret on single-needled icepick scars that became black?  (Read 3372 times)


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I have been using the single needling technique on some ice pick scars, approximately 1mm x 1mm x 2mm (depth). After needling these scars (holes), they have turned a black colour and have remained that way for 4 or 5 months. I have so far let them be, but have become a bit impatient. I have retin A but have never applied it there. Should I apply retin A to these scars or should I just let them be?


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I am not completely sure what you mean. Do you have hyperpigmentation now in the scars (brownish red color) or did they turn really black and they look like blackheads (that would be very strange and I have never heard about this). Would it be possible for you to send a photo to

Did you needle the scars during those five months? How many times have you needled in total? Did it happen to all the needled scars or just some of them?

You should start applying the A-Ret on one scar only to see what happens.