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Author Topic: Stretch marks on buttocks and lower back  (Read 4519 times)


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Stretch marks on buttocks and lower back
« on: July 27, 2012, 07:01:46 AM »
I honestly have no idea when i got them. I'm a guy, i've weighed 130 pound for the past 3 years, i've always been thin. I didn't lose or gain weight. My sister has stretch marks so could it be a genetics thing? Anyway, the stretch marks on my buttocks are a couple of millimeters wide, i have quite a lot. I'd say around 10-15 each side and they're quite long. I also have some one my thighs. Anyway, my question is: will they fade with time? As they could only be a couple of months old. Second, how well would a single needle help? I'm ready to commit myself to treating them for a year or more. Is strivectin/trilastin any good? The stretch marks are white and are lighter than my skin color.


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Re: Stretch marks on buttocks and lower back
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2012, 06:53:45 AM »
The full story behind the cause of stretch marks is not known yet. There seems to be a hormonal factor and a mechanical factor (stretched skin).

Stretch marks will not fade by themselves with time. Stretch marks are very deep scars. If they are red, they will fade with time into white stretch marks but these white stretch marks will remain. If your stretch marks are white, they are likely much older than just a couple of months.

Microneedling doesn't remove stretch marks but it improves their appearance and makes them lees visible:

Males have usually thicker skin than females so I recommend you a regular 2 mm dermaroller + a 1.5 mm dermastamp (easier to use on buttocks) + 0.1% Tretinoin cream: