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Author Topic: How to fix a stuck roller  (Read 16271 times)


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How to fix a stuck roller
« on: October 08, 2013, 06:18:29 AM »
It occasionally happens with a very small percentage of OwnDoc dermarollers that one can get a little "stuck". This is caused by the top of one of the roller arms catching on one of the little holes near the edges of the side of the roller head. It causes the roller not to roll smoothly, or even "stick". This is not dangerous but of course inconvenient when it happens.

When this happens with your roller, let us know and we'll immediately send you two replacements without the need to send back the old one. We always ship our replacement products tracked. If your order has been placed less than 90 days ago, we can also refund you and send you a replacement, if you prefer.

Meanwhile, you can either temporarily or usually even permanently fix the problem by slightly bending the white plastic arms apart. Half a millimeter is enough. First soften the plastic by moving both arms around for half a minute under very hot tap water. Don't worry - this won't blunt the needles. Make sure you heat up the arms well, from their very base to their very end.

Then, if you have strong finger nails, pull the arms apart with quite some force. Be careful that you don't pull so hard that the roller head comes out, because it's a pain to get it back in again. If you don't have strong finger nails you'll have to improvise with a thin metal ruler and strong tweezers or needle nose pliers for example. Excert the force at the end of the arms, not where they come out from the handle.

We apologize in advance if you will encounter this problem. The problem is rare but it does happen sometimes. The roller itself is of excellent quality but the problem is caused by the fact that some of the roller head protection caps have been pushed on too tightly, and in the summer heat this has caused some roller arms to be pushed inwards for a fraction of a millimeter. We are working on preventing this problem.

Can't get a stuck roller unstuck? Let us know and we'll send you TWO replacements!
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