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Author Topic: Would like to try out Dermarolling WITH SUCTIONING!  (Read 25841 times)


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Would like to try out Dermarolling WITH SUCTIONING!
« on: October 10, 2012, 09:06:57 AM »
Hi Sarah & other users with scarring issues!

I came across this website yesterday (and subsequently registered) and possibly spent the majority of my day reading many of the threads on here, regarding dermarolling, aswell as suctioning. I have seen the photo of that gentleman who had impressive results ("Indented forehead shingles aftermath" thread) and I was keen to try his method out (dermastamp & suctioning).

HOWEVER, I'm still apprehensive....
Its just that I was saving up to get laser therapy and that would have cost ~£10,000 (I wanted to deal with my prominent scar, aswell as less noticeable scarring around other parts of my face). And I just cannot believe a dermastamp that costs £10.61 with the suction (costing £16.84) could be effective! :o

I have attached a picture of my scar that I wanted to deal with...Im pretty sure that its a rolling scar (which developed earlier this year, so its new) and I wanted to know Sarah would the 1mm Dermastamp or the 1.5mm Derma stamp be suitable?
-I wanted to stamp this particular scar on a 2weekly basis
-And after the 3rd day (or perhaps the 2nd) start the suctioning...

One other thing, when I do the initial dermstamp & then suction the scar in the following days, do I also suction the day before my next dermastamp? Or shall I give the treated skin abit of a break for say, 2 days and then dermstamp?

Also Sarah, as I mentioned earlier I have not so noticeable wrinkles (all over my face) and the slightest, minute scarring inbetween my cheeks & the side of my nose. This particular area is riddled with icepick acne, open pores and scarring from when I picked at spots....and I wanted to use the Dermaroll for the rest of my face...and again, I wanted to ask: do you think a 1 or 1.5mm dermaroll would be better?
I will also suction the area inbetween my cheeks & side of my nose and see whether there could be an improvement, although from your past posts, Sarah you have said that it may not work for such scarring.

Thankyou...and I hope you can get back to Im eager (but worried) to start this treatment!!!!
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Re: Would like to try out Dermarolling WITH SUCTIONING!
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2012, 05:35:57 PM »
As you can read here, dermarolling and laser treatments work on the same principle:


A powerful laser still is an expensive device and you have to pay for the time of the surgeon and all the other stuff, whereas microneedling tools are much cheaper and you perform it yourself.

I suggest a 1.5 mm dermastamp (stamp the scar densely every three weeks).

Add the suctioning (from the second day).

Yes, give the skin a rest for a couple of days before you stamp again.

Stamp the icepick scars with the 1.5 mm as well. The suction pump will not help ice pick scars or enlarged pores in my opinion because they are not tethered.


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Re: Would like to try out Dermarolling WITH SUCTIONING!
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2014, 07:42:30 AM »

The forum is read-only so I posted this for her:

Hello Sarah Vaughter!

I'm a customer of your dermarollers & stamps since I began my journey, back in 2013. I had a scar, inbetween my eyes; it was somewhat quite a deep scar. Here is my initial thread (and I provided a picture), where you gave your invaluable advice:


Here are my pictures, they include my pre-dermaroll scar, a 4 month update, aswell as my current 15 month update:


I followed through with your advice: stamping initially every 3 weeks, but changed it to 4 weeks (due to work), but when I did my monthly dermarolls & stamping, with the single needles too, they were quite aggressive. As you can see from my initial picture, my scar is quite deep, infact, you can see the deep "crevice" with the help of shadows.

I took another picture by the 4th month, whereby you can tell that the edges have slightly smoothed out and the depth of the scar isn't as full as it once was. I was quite happy with this result to be honest, but I persevered because I remembered a comment you had made that sometimes building collagen "reaches its limit" in some individuals, but i continued.

The latest picture is of me at the 15month mark of my monthly and weekly dermarolling and single needling sessions.
I would actually say, that this is more of a "12month update" because the scar has been like this for a number of months, I just didn't get time to take pictures or take time to write to Sarah, due to work and family/relationship commitments, until now.

As you compare my initial photo, with my latest one you can definitely see changes. The edges have smoothed out significantly, the depth of the scar has lessened. The discolouration that you can see, is just of dry skin and will peel off.

Anyway Sarah, I'd like to thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Sure my scar hasn't gone away completely BUT it has come to a point where I can face the world without most people noticing it (besides me confiding about it to those closest to me). I will continue to carry on with my treatment regardless, for years to come, because I am hoping that my scar will "build up" even more than it is now (I often see a slight dent when I turn my head to the side and catch the shadow, you can tell I have a slight scar then).

To those reading my message, I feel it is important to take pictures of your treatment. It will illustrate to you the (positive) changes that you want. When I had initially started dermarolling and stamping my scar I would see an immediate difference, sure your scar will definitely look "better" post 48 hours stamping it, but thats just swelling. After a few weeks, this swelling will disappear and you're still left with your scar. If you take photos you'll see the changes that have taken place over months clearly, because collagen takes time to build up. Not only that, taking pics will illustrate to others in a similar position to yourself that their scars can get better. I wouldn't have believed Sarah, if she didn't provide her customers pictures...I was actually inspired by Mila's and Cesamaddictaol's pictures to carry on, when I didn't notice immediate changes to my scar! (Sarah you have my permission/rights to use my picture throughout your site!)