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Author Topic: Swimwear to cover stretch marks  (Read 13970 times)


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Swimwear to cover stretch marks
« on: April 30, 2011, 11:57:07 AM »
I've been getting lots of emails about how stretch marks prevent you from going to the beach in summer because you do not want others to see them.


  You should not sit at home in summer! You'll regret it. Buy a nice "UV protection swimsuit" that covers most of the body, or enough to hide your stretch marks and enables you to enjoy swimming, surfing, playing beach volleyball etc. Do not buy anything too tight or black - dark colors get too hot.


  UV swimsuits are intended as skin cancer protection or for those who have sun allergies or rashes etc. You will use it to hide your stretch marks from people at the beach. :)

  Maybe going to the beach will make you feel bad because you will have to look at stretch marks-free skin but you can always go a little aside where it is not so crowded or just decide to ignore everybody and don't look at them. Most women have stretch marks and the reason you cannot see them so much on the beach is because they cover themselves or stay at home.


  Here is a good choice of nice-looking swim shirts with short or long sleeves:












  Do not get me wrong. I do not think people with stretch marks should cover themselves. But quite a number of people wrote me they would never undress at the beach because they are covered in stretch marks. They spend summers at home in tears.


  Swimming in ordinary clothing can be bit awkward but swimming in clothing purposely made for swimming is better than sitting at home.


  Search for:


  Sun Protection swim shirts


  UV swimsuit


  UV rash swimsuit find a sexy, modern, well designed UV swim suit to cover exactly what you need.


  Before the summer comes, dermaroll, needle or dermastamp those !@# stretch marks to make them look better! :cool: