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Author Topic: Starting with needling - before-picture of the facial skin  (Read 5858 times)


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I ordered a 1.5mm dermastamp and some individual needles to try on some scars on my face.  To see what my problems are, I've attached a recent pic in sunlight.  I'd like to try these instead of dermarolling as I just have the most insanely sensitive skin, but may try dermarolling depending on the outcome.   How does it look like my skin might react to either?

In terms of background, I'm female and nearly 40 - on HRT due to an early hysterectomy.  I lack the ability to tan and have pale, sensitive skin (natural redhead).  My scarring is over 20 years old and I am currently using Retin-A .05 a few times per week - was on some accutane about 20 years ago which has let my skin rather strange and dry.  My skin is so sensitive I'm limited in terms moisturiser as most of them cause me to break out.

Regardless, I'll post some pics as I try things out and I realise nothing works overnight.
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Re: Starting with needling - before-picture of the facial skin
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Taking the magnification of your photo into account, there are almost no scars on your skin. I can see just a few scars.

Dermastamping is very effective in the treatment of scars and your choice of a 1.5 mm dermastamp is good.  Since you have just a few scars, I do not think you need a dermaroller.

Unfortunately, I cannot predict how your skin will react to dermastamping. There is no other way than doing a small test patch.